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  1. I ruled out all the mods except for the rosters. Oddly, every roster file I try does the same thing. It gets past the loading screens, into the the 1st batter introduction and then freezes. Fresh install, no other mods. Any ideas? I understand the PC version is easier to mod, but honestly I don't care enough about the mods to buy the PC version.
  2. Hi everyone. I have the game on a modded Xbox and I was wondering if anyone could help me get some mods working on it, or point me in the right direction for premade working mods. I downloaded some stadiums, uniforms, portraits and rosters from here, ran them through the converter tool when needed, and ftp'd them all to my Xbox all in the proper places. When I boot up the game the mods all seem to be there. The roster is current, the uniforms seem to be updated, everything seems good. Problem is when I try to start a game, the game freezes on the loading screen that takes you to the gameplay. Anyone have any ideas, or know any Xbox-ready mods I should try instead?
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