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  1. Bagwell4ever, No luck on finding the .ros file, are you convinced it appears somewhere in the directory? I will keep looking this weekend. I had a different thought though. I have an Action Replay ordered and on the way just for this purpose. I can FTP over to my Xbox your rosters and then create a (roster) save file that I could upload/download back onto the site and share on here for our users that have just a regular Xbox. What do you think? When you get the chance, if you can provide the portraits, I will include that in my FTP and can include that onto the roster save file that I can share back here for other interested users.
  2. Bagwell4ever, One word, sweetness!!! Would definitely be interested in the player portraits. That’s the icing on top to your rosters. I am looking forward to booting up your good work here and giving it a spin this weekend. I will give you some feedback soon. I have a modded Xbox but years ago didn’t and used an AR to load updated rosters. When I have a moment this weekend I will check out your .ros question and see if I can jog my memory for you for those that have a regular Xbox. Thanks again for your hard work!
  3. Bagwell4ever, Thanks again for offering this. I have not been this excited for a baseball release in years!!! I would be completely interested in this as I think you know already. This would be a tremendous service to anyone who still has an Xbox, as you described it takes significant time and countless amounts of trial and error. From following some of your previous threads I’m assuming these are the real deal in the sense that they include updated player pictures etc...? Just so you know, this type of updated offering every so often is something I would have no issue paying you for. It would be well worth it and the least that some of us holdout Xbox users could do to compensate you for your time. Just let me know! Looking forward to playing what is still the best baseball game ever made with what will be a proper updating on console after a good number years.
  4. Alright I have an update as I had some time to experiment with this some more: I downloaded Gordos 2017 pc rosters, imported them into mvpedit. Changed all the cyberfaces including managers to between 901-915 (that's the part that takes the longest). Thanks for the advice there again Gordo! Exported the 19 .dat files into a folder. Used the Xbox roster database maker program I shared via a link on this thread previously and dropped it in the same folder as the 19 .dat files and then executed it. This produced a new database.big file. This is the only file I needed to add to the game. I then Ftped the generated database.big file into my database folder and overwrote the old one and then delete history.dat (not sure this is necessary but I read somewhere that this had been done previously). I tested it and an exhibition game loads and is playable. I haven't played a full 9 innings yet but a few innings and all was good. Previously I was never able to start a game. I hope this helps others who may be doing the same! I will report back if I run into any glitches and cannot get through a full game when I have more time. Will next start to play with either portraits or audio. This looks a lot more complicated...
  5. Gordo, thanks! I'll keep trying. Is the Xbox database maker irrelevant and more of a coincidence that the rosters finally appeared on the game after it generated a .big file and I replaced it with the old one in the database folder? This was the only way I was able to make the rosters appear. Have you heard of anyone using this program when transferring rosters to the Xbox before?
  6. Roccodimarco, A lot of us new guys seem to have the same questions. Once we have it figured out I'm sure good things and new updates can come if we all work together. Im new to the community but there are A LOT of great guys here who have been very helpful. Their main focus is PC but they have been courteous assisting with some of us Xbox people. It has been some trial and error for me thus far and I have not been entirely successful yet getting rosters to work during a game but this is where I'm currently at. Perhaps this will help you or we can continue to push forward in some regard towards a definitive process that works. I was stuck for awhile but have been scouring everything I can to get more and more information coupled with the great feedback and people on this thread. This is what I did and where I'm at as my time has slowly permitted me to progress (I have a modded Xbox): I used Gordos 2017 roster and uploaded it into MVPedit (available for download in the download section). From there I exported it to my desktop and placed the .19 date files in a folder. I was stuck here for awhile trying to transfer these 19 .dat files, deleting files etc. just like you. In some instances the game would crash or the rosters would be completely empty on every team or they wouldn't take at all. Was having trouble getting them to appear altogether within the game even though they were in the right database folder on my modded Xbox. Where I'm currently at and what I did next was I came across and downloaded the Xbox roster database maker from a thread I came across on operationsports.com that was originally provided by krawhitham. http://www.operationsports.com/forums/mvp-baseball-rosters/166350-transfering-pc-rosters-xbox.html When you download this file it creates a .exe program that I place in the same folder that I exported the 19 .dat files to from mvpedit and then I run it in this folder and it produces a .big file in addition to the 19 .dat files. From there I ftp this entire folders contents (minus the .exe application, so the 19.dat files and the .big file that was produced) and I place it in the database file within the game on my modded Xbox. You will overwrite two files that are already present there. the old history file and the old .big file with the new ones in addition to the remaining .dat files. This will allow you to boot the game up and have Gordos 2017 rosters as the default. Unfortunately, despite my progress in this regard, the rosters take and do appear for all teams but the game freezes right before the first batter walks to the plate. I believe the answer is to go back into mvpedit and switch out all cyberfaces on each roster to a 901-915 range as has been recommended to me previously. This is as far as I have had time to progress to. I don't know if this is the answer yet, it appears that it is based off the feedback on this thread but when I get a moment I will be converting the cyberfaces for one team to the above mentioned range and then will try an exhibition against this same team with this team to see if the game crashes or if it allows me to play. If it allows me to play then I believe that to be the answer and then I will slowly do the same for the remaining 29 teams. Maybe I'm still doing it wrong and that's why it freezes and you don't need the roster database program. Or maybe 18.dat files go in one place and one of the .dat files goes elsewhere like I have read and the feedback has suggested but that method unfortunately never produced the game rosters in the actual game like the current method I described above. If ultimately nothing I try stops the game from crashing right before the first pitch then I will be taking Jollydodger up on his generous offer of sending him a memory card (and some money for his time) for his rosters, but I'm a bit stubborn and like to tinker with this stuff and I haven't fully exhausted all avenues. (By the way, I don't consider myself too technical or savvy at all in this area but can follow directions and know just enough to be dangerous). If I am successful I will share my final results (if so then there is hope for all others as if I can figure it out then about anyone should be able to), if not I will share that too and then will be PMing Jollydodger lol! My end goal and highest hopes (whether knocked out and solved via teamwork or paying a skilled individual for their technical work on updated Xbox rosters) would be for updated 2017 rosters with portraits and players names audio.
  7. Oops maybe that's my problem! I found an old thread on here that said to access the database folder and delete this file and then add the news ones. Are you saying that all 19 files should already be somewhere in the original game, just locate the right folder with them in there and then overwrite/replace them with the ones generated from mvpedit? I deleted the database.big file within the database file
  8. Does anyone remember where to place the 19 .dat files that MVP edit generates for a modded Xbox? I believe 18 go to one location and the 19th in a separate folder but have been unable to work this out just yet. I have started with accessing the database folder and deleting the .big file and adding all 19 files. I noticed there were some other files in this folder that I also left there. Unfortunately, it results in all rosters being blank within the game and then crashing. I will continue to play around with this but was curious if anyone recalled how this worked. Thanks!
  9. Gordo, That would probably look pretty cool...after all that's pretty much how they do it presentationally over broadcast.
  10. JollyDodger (And Others), Thanks! Your work is appreciated. As we get closer to opening day I will most likely be sending you a card and I'll give you some feedback. I have a modded Xbox and just dug back into MVP baseball 2005 for Xbox. I previously had been playing with a ps2 but the ability to apply some mods to the Xbox version caught my attention. I'm in the process of picking up a copy of the game but I have picked the brain of a few great members of this community and all have been very helpful and willing to assist with some questions I have had. I'm ok with the computer, just enough to understand some of the tech talk and apply some mods but have not fully started to play yet. MvpEdit is an interesting tool but some of the file names and conversions (mainly portraits still confuse me, I think updated portraits alone with updated rosters give it just the amount of fresh paint to be interesting). It also sounds like faces need to be all switched to generic as well in order to prevent crashing. Your rosters though are old school (not a bad thing at all) so I'm assuming with your rosters since you have them saved to a card is probably something I could either copy to the hard drive of my console via the controller pack or plug into an action replay and upload to my pc and then transfer to my console via ftp (I forget if modded Xbox's can't use memory cards to save/transfer). I will also throw this out there as there seems to be quite a bit of interest for updated Xbox rosters still which amazes me...perhaps there are enough people with the skill set (or perhaps a coordinated effort by a group) in this community that still play the Xbox version to create a revival of sorts? Although my tech skills are a bit limited I'd be willing to try/learn and at worst commit to some funding towards a project like this to those who have the skills to do it and who would be willing to spend their time to work on this. I know this game is 12 years old from a console now on its 3rd generation that's hard to compete with the likes of a modern game like MLB The Show, but there is still no comparison (close but no cigar) in the feel and fluidness that EA built this game around that has stood the test of time!
  11. Gordo, Is it fair to say, a modded Xbox user would need to send jollydodger an AR card instead of a memory card? Or would a memory card still work and then the user would have to transfer to an AR card?
  12. RoyHobbs, Thanks! Mwann1028 was going to confirm if jollydodger's rosters were updated rosters or updated rosters with some additional updates (pictures etc.) it sounds like his rosters work only with a regular Xbox and from your response probably wouldn't be capable of having updates faces and pictures attached to the new rosters and players added to the game. If I am following that all correctly, you are saying however, that these options can be possible with a modded Xbox and mvpedit via ftp from a Pc onto an AR card that would load it onto your modded Xbox. A few more questions on this: (1)-what is mvpedit? Is this a program to download online via a pc to manipulate MVP rosters within the game? If so is this a program that is readily available or only for certain MVP Modders? (2)-Does mvpedit provide you with roster updates or is this tool a creation tool for the user and it is up to the user to update all 30 teams and players by roster? (3)- is there anyone on this thread that possesses or updated rosters with pictures etc. for modded Xbox's? If so, I wouldn't mind this option, it would be much easier. let me know if I'm still off base with some of these details. Again, much appreciated and very helpful!!
  13. Odiwon, great question! Gordo, I would be interested in the same question, both options if you have knowledge of them or just the one you have the best knowledge of. I previously had rosters on a ps2 that I would buy, although good rosters, they do not have updated faces or player cards, just generic (maybe there is not a way around this). It seems to me with the right tools (AR or modded Xbox) you can do more to update the game with an Xbox than you can the ps2 version. For the best updates would it better to have a modded Xbox or does it not matter? Thanks in advance for your response, this is a great little community of MVP, the more I dig around here the more I find some similarities to what I'm after, just trying to gain a better understanding!
  14. Jollydodger, I had a question about your Xbox rosters, but perhaps others on this thread may have a response too. I'm a baseball junkie, have played some professional ball and can't get enough of the sport. MVP Baseball 2005 is still my favorite baseball game to this day. The flow and feel of it has been hard pressed to be replaced even for The Show, in my opinion, which in it's own right is a great franchise as well. As a result, I'm always on the lookout for updated roster files each year. I can remember way back in the day I used to have an Action Replay for Xbox and could upload rosters onto it from a file I could download from my PC and load it onto the game. On these updates rosters, for new players who may not have originally been on the game these rosters updated the blank generic screen for created players with the actual pictures of these players to the rosters in which they were added. For example, if Barry Bonds was on the particular roster I downloaded he would appear and his picture would actually be in the game too with their stats as a result. With most updates available today, if you can find them, they typically update all rosters and ratings but don't have the capability to add updates to logos and pictures to the console versions. Does your version have any of this and if not have you heard of anyone for Xbox or ps2 that has been able to create roster files that update any of the visuals for the guys within the game? I appreciate your response and all of those on this thread that continue to keep this great game going whether it be PC or console. Thank you!
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