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  1. MVP 2005 Patch Issue Windows 8

    I know, but I couldn't find anything else when I searched the "speeding up" issue. Sorry, I am new to this whole thing and I am just so frustrated. I also keep having different issues. I have spent a lot of money and a few days trying to figure it out. I tried installing Bootcamp and it partitioned 800 gigs of my hard drive and it's lost so now I am really panicked. Sorry if I am breaking rules - I don't want to upset anyone or be a nuisance.
  2. MVP 2005 Patch Issue Windows 8

    I have the same thing problem as described in Post #1 with Windows 7. I have done the steps listed in this thread with no luck. Any help?
  3. MVP not starting after Windows 7 9-8-15 Updates

    Fellas, I am at my wit's end. I finally got MVP 2005 and purchased Windows 10 to upgrade from 8, using VMWare (I have a Mac). After fooling with that for hours, I bought Windows 7. After hours of hiccups, I FINALLY get loaded in. But now, all that happens is that the game is in demo mode and goes super fast. It won't allow me to go to the home screen. I have been messing with this for days. Does anyone have any solutions? Thanks!