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  1. It sucks the mod isn't ready, but I usually start over after the allstar break anyway. There always seems to be better rosters available by then than what I started with.
  2. You will have to perform a clean install. I had the Amazon version and it did this to me. I ran did a virus scan with Malwarebytes (found nothing major) then ran Windows All In One repair tool and it worked again.
  3. If you tell them you reinstalled your os and now the game won't activate they will give you a Steam key. I did it 2 weeks ago.
  4. Where do the files go if your using Steam? I've always installed from disc but this year I had to use Steam.
  5. I saw the cover and thought the mod was released so I jumped over to downloads. I was like a kid getting up on Christmas to find no presents. lol. A grown man should not be this way over a game.
  6. I wasn't being impatient. I was just tossing out an idea. I also never said there would be a charge for it. I was tossing out an idea for people wanting to play and maybe giving people something for all their hard work if you want something with all the bells and whistles.
  7. I know a lot of people are really wanting this released. I just wanted to throw this idea out. Is it possible to release a basic package now for free. Maybe roster, faces and maybe some other basic things. Then when all the extra high end mods are done you have to donate $10 to get them. That is if they just can be inserted without breaking the basic stuff. Just an idea.
  8. Damnit. Now I want it released more than ever. lol
  9. I want to get playing this year and have a question. If I install a roster and schedule now, can I still install the mod when its ready without using the roster and schedule it comes with? If so what's the best one available? I see there's no more korean one.
  10. I can't mod the Steam version can I?
  11. I want to re-install MLB 2K12 but I have two problems. I have the game on a Windows 10 system but it won't activate because I have installed it to many times is what the message says. I also don't have the game iso. Is their a place to download it? I have a valid key I bought from Amazon in 2012.
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