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  1. This is the one I'm using. Or trying to use. I got it to run by right clicking on the file and hitting run as adminstrator. It works fine but when I use global edit, I don't understand what I'm doing. I kept experimenting but I don't really see results except a bunch of files showing up on my computer. I figured out they were automatic backups of the edits I was trying to make to the roster. Then the original roster file and the subsequesnt backups became corrupt somehow. So...apparently I don't know what I"m doing.
  2. I found the first thread on Ty's editor and was able to solve the first issue. However, I'm having trouble figuring out the global editor. That thread is closed and archived so that's why I'm making a new thread. I am visually impaired so it's possible that I may have missed the instructions on how to use the editor. I am trying to play with the ratings so that it changes to 25 or 99 or some other rating. However, I do not understand the boxes in global editor where it says changed by then minimum and maximum. would appreciate any help in understanding how to use it.
  3. Although this is my first time here, I'd like to thank the people for putting this site together and creating mods to make the current baseball games even better. I love MLB the show, but right now I don't have a playstation 3 or 4. I'd offer to help but I am not sure of what help I could be. I do not know how to mod nor what software is used for modding. Currently, I am looking for a roster to edit my mlb 2k12 roster. I particularity want to be able to change the ratings of players quickly. I have some weird quirks that involve making all the players 25 or 99 just for fun. Weird I know. Another thing I hope to see (assuming it's not available) is variety when creating players for My player etc. The hairstyles and beards gets kind of old. Thank you for your response. I have done some looking around, but the one roster editor I found doesn't seem to work very well. By the way, I did download Wiggins roster editor and tried the global editor. However, I do not understand the change by, minimum and maximum value. When I tried to play with it I get an error stating "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue, the application will ignore the error and attempt to continue. IF you click quit, the application will close immediately. Access to the path 'backup-07-20-2017_20-12-20_Roster.Ros is denied. I checked to make sure read only was unchecked and it wasn't. So, I"m not sure what other reason it says denied.
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