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  1. Lutek

    Is there a fix for running game?

    So you say that I have to buy game which got abandoned by 2ksports? There's no way to get it on steam or from normal shop and I don't want to pay horrendous price for game+another horrendous price for shipping to my country so I get used one from e-bay. They spit you in face and u still want to some kinda support them, lol.
  2. Lutek

    Is there a fix for running game?

    Well, I installed patch 1.2.0 which should fix that error from what I know. And I don't have legal copy of this game, so maybe this is why? Patch changes mlb2k12.exe which require CD-Key so I have to use cracked one, which seems to doesn't work.
  3. Lutek

    Is there a fix for running game?

    Patch didn't help, and I don't see answer in support area for my question so I'm asking here once again.
  4. Changing everytime year on 2012 just to get a possibility to run game is uncomfortable, does anyone made fix on that?