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  1. HIGH HEAT 2002 - PC - 3DO

    This is great - thanks all!!
  2. HIGH HEAT 2002 - PC - 3DO

  3. HIGH HEAT 2002 - PC - 3DO

    Cool, can we get the files uploaded on this site? Thanks.
  4. HIGH HEAT 2002 - PC - 3DO

    That would be awesome if we can get them on this site!! Thanks all.
  5. HIGH HEAT 2002 - PC - 3DO

    Does anyone happen to know if there are files and mods available for High Heat 2002, PC version (Vlad Guerrero on cover), anywhere? I remember playing that game way back when and there was a ton of files, danger z editor and updates out there. I saw some files on this site for 2003 and 2004 but not 2002 which was probably the best of them. Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks!