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  1. Yeah i'll spend some time there. Already got the mvp anniversary mod. Some overlays too. Great work!. Thanks Yankee
  2. Ok great!, thanks for that Yankee. I most likely gave up my search for that a bit to soon haha!
  3. Hi there all. I was looking for a way to bypass the EA SPORTS and Intro sequence to load the game up a bit quicker. I'm sorry if this has been posted before and if I'm posting in he wrong place but I'll go ahead anyway. Ok... so... Locate the EA Sports folder. Search inside for movies. This will show the folder "movies". Enter it and there will be say 9 or so vp6. movies. I'm doing this from memory so I may be a bit unclear. There are two movies with both "Intro' and "easports" in the names. At the end of the movies after vp6. add _org so it will read vp6._org. Do that for both. Next simply copy one of the other vp6. movies and paste them into the same folder. Simply rename these pasted movies as the "intro" and "easports" vp6. movies without the "_org" at the end and done...!. The game now loads without those sequences to the menu screen.
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