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  1. @NewYork Pretty much you have to use all the arrange teams to put them in the game.
  2. Where would I post this if I wanted to post this in the downloads?
  3. Just gave it a little update for a bug found while playing with payroll.
  4. Disclaimer: Though I have helped with the roster update, I have not fully made the file. Thank jag123jg from mlbppworld.com. I am kungfupandacam on that forum Original Post With the rise of the MLB Power Pros 2018 Roster Update for Dolphin coming out today, I have decided to make a dedicated guide to getting the rosters and save switching. Note: While save switching you will lose all of your progress in dolphin. I will show you how to back these up, but I am not responsible for you losing your saves. So now that we got through the consequences, let's talk about Dolphin save switching. So, pretty much you can do this on every version, but I would advise you to use the stable versions of Dolphin and maybe the stable version of Ishiruuka 5.0. There is another guide on setting up dolphin on the forum: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=9772 Now, that you have Dolphin set-up it's time to download the 2018 MLB Power Pros Update Save Let's get to save switching now. Again, I am going to warn you to BACK-UP your saves, so that you don't lose your progress. Step 1: Open Dolphin The first step should be easy, just open dolphin. Step 2: Left Click on the MLB Power Pros 2008 Banner: Click to Open Step Picture Now left click on the MLB Power Pros 2008 Banner. It should look something like this. Step 3: Right Click Open Wii Save Folder Click to open step picture Now right click on open wii save folder. It should direct you to this folder. Step 4: Go to Folder 524c3845 Click to open step picture Now go to the folder 524c3845. Move the "content" and "data" to somewhere safe or into another folder. Make sure that these files are not in this folder again. This is where you will back-up these files. Step 5: Copy and Paste the new "content" and "data" Folders After you have moved and backed-up your other files, copy and paste the new "content" and "data" files from the 2018 Power Pros Update. Have fun in the new 2018 MLB Power Pros Update! Note: After being done with these files, you may rinse and repeat with the files you backed-up to get them back into the game. If anything is hard to understand, please post under this!!! Quote from jag123jg: Hey all, So after finally finishing the roster update I give you the game files that are needed. There are two folders inside of the compressed one that I have attached; so when you open up said compressed folder, you can then drag those two into your dolphin stuff (mentioned above). Quick disclaimer: since we were working off of the players in game, there are a lot of players with different contracts than IRL. We tried to match them up based on: Birth year, contract value, contract length. Some we were able to get on the nose and others, not so much. The biggest variance with their birth year is +/- 1 so it's not too bad. Enjoy everybody! (special thanks to everyone in our discord server that helped me decide which players to edit) data.zip
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