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  1. That's great information Gordo. They are definitely some things that will need to be aware of.
  2. Am I allowed to ask more questions on that thread?
  3. I'm looking to replace the Top Prospect logo with a Hall of Fame logo for an all-time roster I am working on. When I try to replace the bath files, I keep crashing the game. I am using 128x128 bitmap converting to fsh file and importing on EAgraphs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. HoF2.BMP HoF1.bmp HoF.bmp
  4. I just read allstar teams can't be edited by mvpedit. The game will crash. That must be the same for the unlockable teams. That's probably my problem. I hope it is not a tough fix
  5. Something I am doing in mvpedit is causing mvp to crash when trying to play a game. Is there any idea what might be causing it? This is what happens step by step. 1. Using 2015 Mod & Rosters 2. Importing negro league players from an All-Time roster I downloaded off this site. 3. Moving prospect off future all-stars roster 4. Place the negro league players on the unlockable team. 5. None of the players use a cyberface and all are set for picture/audio to "0" 6. Set lineups and rotations 7. Load mvp and try to start new game 8. mvp baseball crashes. Any help for this dummy would be appreciated.
  6. If anyone is good at creating a patch to make the two Unlockable teams the Montreal Expos and Homestead Grays, it would be much appreciated. I am just asking for logos, home and away uniforms. If you could make the ballpark Olympic stadium that would be great too! If both teams can have a stadium, can you put the Homestead Grays in the Polo Grounds? The two teams will be International MVP Heroes on Montreal and Negro League MVP Legends on Homestead Grays. I am still willing to donate to paypal if someone can pull this off. I am using the MVP15 Conversion Mod.
  7. Ok. That makes sense. Thanks for letting me know
  8. Well I did. Anyway, let me know if you know anyone that can help. Thanks
  9. I think I acknowledged that. Sorry if I sound demanding. I am asking for help with my own little project. They seem like minimal requests compared to the mounds of hours many have put in on this site. So many great mods! I am willing to donate to paypal to get the help. I log in to see that someone commented and maybe someone wants to help out but instead it is someone being rude. I am not sure why I get the hateful comment from you. I just want the help. If you or anyone else could connect me with someone that can do it, I would be grateful to them. Thank you!
  10. Glad it works for you. Are you wanting to help me out or just pitch in sarcasm?
  11. Thanks my friend... I extremely frustrated with EAgraphs. Jealous of those that have it figured out
  12. It doesn't matter Gordo. I am doing it for my own interest in the game. This post is about patching up a a conversion mod that I am using for the rosters I am working on. Let me know if you are interest in helping me out. If not, that's fine too. P.S. The all-time roster I found does not go 100 players deep in each franchise. I also want to be able to play it in Franchise mode.
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