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  1. hey yes, thanks my corduroy jjaaj .. if I am also going to ask your permission .. to see if I can upload these stadiums !!! If my corduroy are the style of the 2k20 stadiums that you made .. only for this occasion it is for the mvp 20 👍😅😜

  2. for example so I place the options and the other equipment except the one that I handle changes the lineaups









    and even so teams like the following and others change the lineaups as well as in the images

    mlb2k12 2020-12-16 01-36-20-81.png

    mlb2k12 2020-12-16 01-36-29-19.png

    mlb2k12 2020-12-16 01-36-56-89.png

    mlb2k12 2020-12-16 01-37-02-28.png

    Thanks to the one who can help me with this hehe

  3. greetings friends.
    a question when i start a dynasty in mlb 2k120
    For example, he starts a dynasty with Boston .. teams like Yankees come up with a different lineup than the one he brings to the list ..


  4. Greetings my friends, well, a great update of mlb stadiums is seen but for the mvp baseball as well as guaro does but for the mvp baseball update day (for now) for 23 mlb stadiums

  5. a question friends .. brother jed has made some very good coaches faces and even made a referee face .. i would like to know how to place the referee and coaches on the playlist???? 

    I know what it is with the reeditor .. but how?

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