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  1. I know there is a mod that removes the yellow arrows for pitching and the arrows when playing infield. Is there a version of that mod that also removes the fielding arrow when fielding that tells you which direction to go and how far you are from the ball? It ruins the fun of playing the outfield because it doesn't feel like I'm actually playing the position it just feels like I'm going where it tells me. And is there a way to remove the k zone but still being able to use the batters eye or is that something you give up when you remove the strike zone display?
  2. So say he zipped up those files and made those into a mod how would you put those into the game? Just drag them into the 2k12 folder like the other mods?
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    I have browsed through a few of the mods and found that a few mods with more detailed socks have been made for some teams. Is there a mod that has an updated look for them for every team or is there no more other than what I see under uniforms. Also are there mods for sleeves I know here are gloves and cleats and other accessories but does the game allow modders to edit the sleeves?
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