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  1. That's very encouraging to hear. Right now, I am simply focusing on rebuilding arm strength to be able to pitch with any velocity at all before I get back on the mound and try to refine pitches and regain command. Any tips you have as far as building that velocity? Right now I am focusing mainly on long toss and am looking at getting some weighted balls to try some of how Bauer trains in The MVP Machine. Anything else you think might help?
  2. I just finished my freshman year of college (I am 19 years old), and I am considering trying to pitch again at a high enough level to get on my college club team. I used to play up until my freshman year of highschool, but I was always relatively mediocre without very high velocity. After reading The MVP Machine, I believe that I went about a lot of what I did when I was younger in the wrong way. I always had good command but never really commited myself to building velocity. In highschool I threw discus, wrestled, and played football, so I am athletic and believe I could pick pitching back up at a relatively quick clip if I apply myself. Do you all think this is possible? If so, what do you think would be my best way to approach this?
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