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  1. See I prefer the keyboard. I've played the GameCube version of MVP and find I'm better with arrow keys than a joystick, plus with a laptop, it's just easier to not have one since I can take it with me. Of course, that may have to do with what I'm used to. My first gaming system was an Apple II, then a 2600 with the big joystick and a single button...had the old Accolade Hardball game for the Apple II.
  2. I finally got MVP working on my new MacBook Pro through Parallels, an old copy of XP, and an external DVD drive. I think I paid more for all of that than MVP cost when new, but due to the lack of baseball games on the Mac other than OOTP, it was highly worth it. (Nothing against OOTP, but I like to have real action, not just simulation). I've always been a keyboard player on the PC. However, there's no number pad on the MacBook. I do have an external one to attach, but I'd prefer to do something that works better on the laptop. Here's the issue--I can't seem to get my g
  3. An update here. I got the copy of XP and an external DVD drive, since I can't share a remote disc on the newest Mac OS. MVP runs fine now, although I need to figure out a keyboard combination that works for me since I only have a laptop keyboard on it!!
  4. Good call about Win2K not officially being on the requirements. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it, but just to be safe, I eBayed a retail, non-upgrade copy of XP. I'll report back in about a week once it gets here (it's media mail so it may take a while to arrive).
  5. I just got a new MacBook Pro and have Parallels 15 installed. Since I don't have any newer copy of Windows, I'm running Win2K on it. This should be fine for MVP 2004. However, I'm having some major problems with it. Namely, it won't run. I don't think this old of a version will run on Bootcamp, so I'm stuck with Parallels...any help is appreciated!!
  6. How did you get this to run on Parallels? I have a current MacBook Pro with Parallels 15 and I can't get MVP to run or even install!!
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