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  1. I believe I can help. The interesting thing about MLB 2k is that there are no per 9 ratings, so the control and movement ratings need to act as substitues for best results. I've been working on a methodology, based on the research I've done for The Show's ratings I've worked on over the past few years.
  2. Cycloniac

    Franchise Bug

    I just started a franchise with a new custom roster and I am controlling the Yankees. I made sure Gleyber Torres and Mike Tauchman are in the lineups. The MLB has a full 25 man roster. I haven't experienced any crashes. However, whenever I simulate a game, Gleyber Torres is replaced by Magnueris Sierra. Tauchman is replaced by Joe Mauer. When I check Torres and Tauchman's player cards, their game logs are blank, but Torres gets stats. If one game is played, it says he has played two games. At the end of the season, Torres ends up with 200+ games played. Does anyone know how to fix this? Mauer is a free agent, and he isn't/wasn't ever signed to the Yankees. I tried moving him to the 2k Sports team but he ends up in free agency. Sierra is on a minor league team not affiliated with the Yankees.
  3. I just noticed this also. He was replaced by Magneuris Sierra when I simmed a game in franchise. Torres is listed on the lineup screen if you play a game, but when you sim, he isn't in the lineup. Sierra is on a minor league team not affiliated with the Yankees in my roster. At end of season, stats show Gleyber Torres with 200+ games played.
  4. So, let me ask this: I don't want to necesserily add new names because I know that would be complicated. However, I would like to use the names that are included in the game, like Hernandez. I see a list of the names for CAPS in Reditor. How would I assign audio to a player? How did Torres get announced correctly in the roster file I'm using, and is there a way to fix this for Cavan Biggio? Biggio is a name that is included in the list of CAP names, just like Torres. I tried to make a new CAP of Biggio in-game, but ironically, he was called Torres by announcers.
  5. So, years ago, I made music packs for the EA NHL series. Right now, I am working on modding the in-game arena music. I have a couple of questions: Does anyone know which IDs correspond to which events? From 1000 on, I have an idea by guess work that they correspond to a mix of end of at-bat, lineup music and beginning/end of inning music. I was just wondering if anyone had a more concrete understanding. Also, for player audio. I'm using one of the latest rosters, and noticed that Cavan Biggio was announced by the commentators as Casey Kotchman. On the other hand, Gleyber Torres is announced correctly as "Torres." Mike Ford is also announced correctly as "Mike Ford." I tried making a CAP of Biggio in-game, but he was called "Torres" for some reason. Is there a way to mod the audio for players/CAPS to fix this sort of thing? I poked around in Reditor and see the audio ID first name and last name list, but couldn't quite piece together the correlation when looking at the IDs for the aforementioned players.
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