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  1. When I get SMB3 I'll make a new version
  2. You need to use the team transfer tool. I've never used it to import teams but the documentation takes you through the steps. I
  3. Version 1.0.0


    https://gfycat.com/bountifulblindeel File includes the team pack and 12 logos. Features: Full player rosters for all 12 NPB teams with edited ratings Logos are a mixture of realistic, retro and reimagined Ratings: Ratings are done with the guiding principle of "make the good players good" using 2019 season statistics Batting ratings involved ranking players then assigning them numbers from HR (power), average (contact) and stolen bases (speed) Pitching ratings were almost entirely based on formulas, with some adjustments at the top end: Velocity = (10-ERA)10+3 Junk = (K/910)-11 Accuracy = (10-BB/9)*10
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