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  1. I think I've figured out a workaround! I demoted Burnett to AAA and put Buhler into the No. 2 rotation spot. I then recalled Burnett and put Buhler back into the LRP spot. When I went into the "Play/Manage" screen, Peavy is selected as the No. 1 starter. To check if it actually worked, I simmed the game and Burnett is slotted to start Game 2!
  2. This is the first game of the season, so there's no injury to speak of. It just defaulted to Burnett as the first game's pitcher for some reason.
  3. Hello, I've been looking around for a solution to this problem but since I haven't found one, I figure maybe someone here might be able to help. I just started a new dynasty in MVP2005 but my pitching rotation got all messed up. My first three starters are Jake Peavy, AJ Burnett, and Brandon Backe in that order. Peavy should be starting Game 1 of the season, but when I go to start it, Burnett is selected as the starting pitcher, with Peavy being skipped. I tried switching to Peavy and then I simmed the game, but the starter for the second game became Backe with Burnett being skipped. Does anyone know why that happens and how that can be fixed (i.e., start the season with my No. 1 starter like a normal baseball team)? I don't want to have to switch pitchers every single game.
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