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  1. john

    new pitching trouble

    Dear admin, Yes, it appears so, I dont see that classic or total control option at all under control options. but what button do you use to pitch while in the second phase using the controller. Guru, could you share a pic of that control mapping for that second phase from your device. So I'll give it a try with the virtual controller PP joy. I have placed all the mod files in main directory, but it still shows 2k12 in main and menu screen. Thank you for the support.
  2. john

    new pitching trouble

    dear admin, lets say I have a controller, what button do I need to press to pitch after selecting the pitch type. fast or 2 seam in the sub menu. May be I could map a key in setup. just like I mapped for pitch type selection. I searched for the control option on the internet, I couldn't find it anywhere. another issue is the screen logo and menu screen still says 2k12 after I installed the 2k15 mod. do I need to place the file some other place.
  3. john

    new pitching trouble

    Admin, thank you for your timely response I appreciate it, btw I'm using keyboard controls, is there a way to use that new feature, like the sub menu. the first pic above didn't have those arrows inside. I'm not sure if it is called total control. that's where I'm stuck. once I select that fast or 2 seam for eg. it shows 2 seam with arrows pointing inside. but I cant pitch. I hope you understood it. the right side portion of the pic has it.
  4. Ive used the 2k15 mod, now what are the controls for pitching, once I select fast ball, then the pitcher doesn't pitch. no controls for sub menu pitching, could someone assist me.
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