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  1. Hey everyone. I've been working with a programmer with the goal of making a newer version of HHManager / DangerZ's editor. I know that a major obstacle with starting from square one will be cracking those .hh files. I am hoping to be in contact with someone who might be able to help us to not re-invent the wheel. Does anyone here know anything about this that would be able to share that information? Or know of someone whom I could contact about this? I realize that my knowledge is next to zero, so my question may sound kind of dumb. However, my hope is to have a program made that can do what these old programs do with a modern UI, even a drag and drop interface, and then be re-created to be either web-integrated or Mac compatible. I've got a programmer willing to do the work, so I'm trying to save some time. Thanks for reading!
  2. I stumbled back upon MVP Mods when looking up information on DangerZ. Since I did, I thought this might be a good place to see if anyone would be interested in a sim league I'm in that is still running on 2003. We've got an amazing website with complete history, and this has been running since HH2003 was a contemporary game. It's a league that continues to be active (completely, 100% of the time, 3 sims a week, 3 website updates a week, no hiatuses) for 15+ years. We've simmed from the 2002 season to now in the 2109 season. Software required is only HHManager. (High Heat 2003, not required). Teams can be pulled from any minor league, including independents, past or present. I could give a much longer pitch, but I'll stop here so that I don't discourage anyone thinking of it. Here's the website: www.mlbcsimleague.com It you're interested, I'd be glad to answer any questions. Also, it's competitive, but people are very friendly. Not looking to screw new members -- just the opposite. Looking for people to round out the league, so anyone is more than helpful for anyone who wants to play.
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