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  1. Yeah that makes sense, I just don't have a separate machine. Sounds like everyone on this site does. Savoy Special -- Thank you for the comment, that's a nice overview of the steps I would need to take.
  2. Thank you and thanks for the reply! What are you and others on this site planning to do when support for Win7 ends?
  3. Hello, I have nostalgia for MVP Baseball '04/'05 and found this site/community in researching how I can run the game on my current PC. I read the forums discussing the issues with running the game on Win10 and I understand Win7/XP are preferable. I also read that Microsoft is no longer supporting Win7 from 2020, but that this shouldn't affect gameplay of MVP. But then you have to have a separate computer just for running MVP. Is this all accurate? I'm just trying to find out where to begin. I have a PC with good specs for gaming but no CD-rom drive. Actually that's my other question. How do you run a CD-rom game without a drive, are you guys using an external drive which connects via USB or something? Thanks in advance --
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