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  1. How do you edit socks in 2k12 when it has a layer screen over the picture in mlb2k12 texture editor
  2. I looked at the information and thanks for it but i don't understand it or how to do what it says i am missing something, after all i am an 81 year old dude and love the game but it writes to many saves to my ssd so i guess i will have to dump the game since i can not get it to save to a different partiton thanks for the help
  3. how do i install new faces in my franchise roster so everone does not look the same? I am an old 81 year man and love this game but don't know how to change the faces in a roster
  4. how do you overhaul the tabs you are talking about?
  5. can use the 2021 rosters if i don't update any head or is it face files and set them to the right numbers. It will crash if i try to update them.
  6. I have reinstalled the game but have to use old rosters from 2018 or it crashes when you try to start the game after all the loading is done at first.
  7. Using latest rosters, can play 1 maybe 2 games then next time i load it will go to start game and crashes back to desk top, is it the rosters or what?
  8. Can i put the save folder on a diffirent partition and have it work as i don't want it on my ssd drive
  9. Bull


    anyone going to make a roster for 2021? I need a new one
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