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  1. I understand, And I think that all of us who are looking forward to this roster understand the limitations of adapting it to the new season. Personally, I don't need the most accurate roster and ratings or the official 2021 calendar to enjoy the game, my biggest complaint is with those damn generic faces in created players , and not being able to play franchise. I understand that not everyone will think the same, but with those two things I would have more than enough. I know getting that is already hard work and I appreciate the effort you are making That's th
  2. No worries Ok, got it, I thought it was a relatively easy problem to solve...
  3. dont understand. actualy this roster crashes when triyng to play franchise, so i think yes, this have anything to do with the topic
  4. hi! i know this things take time, but it will be possible to have just a hotfix for franchise mode crash anytime soon? i wish i could help but i bave no idea on how modding works... thanks!
  5. hi, im here just to say thank you for the work and effort. I was disappointed because finally this year The Show 21 did not come out on pc, but thanks to this mod pc users can enjoy this season. I hope you can solve the problems with roster in franchise soon ... in the meantime I will continue checking daily for news Thanks again!
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