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  1. i just watched the trailer to 61 it looks like a pretty good movie thanx. i may rent it. speaking of movies I can't recommend requiem for a dream staring leto, how ever urban legend was a great movie also staring leto..a 'must see' movie...i think it could be the best movie from the 90's ...wouldn't suprise if leto plays the serial killer himself...did you know about his cult? j-k o_O ..err i think Hmmmmm.......
  2. The game had pretty good music...I just learned to play 2 songs on guitar off of the soundtrack, of the songs I found funny little feeling to be catchy the little groove part at the beginning and the iroc-z song...those were pretty catchy.. the iroc z song reminds of weezer alot.. anyway i might was well learn these songs I only payed 75 dollars for this game on ebay (mvp baseball 2005)
  3. strange in windows 8.1 the gamepad shows up as having 10 buttons and not 16 so I used your config except I changed the value for the number of buttons to 10 and it indeed does work now...no batter stats showing up, I just played a game with the braves and experienced no problems with my modification to the config file ...on my windows 10 machine it shows me that it has 16 buttons but i think i have the wrong drivers on my windows 10 machine or perhaps not since your config has 16 buttons in ..thanx i'm just glad i can play the game on my windows 8 laptop
  4. Hello everyone I just bought mvp baseball 2005 and I have a wired pdp controller for xbox one and i am having trouble getting it configured for example when I press x to throw a certain pitch it brings up the stats for the batter ..It seems it would be as simple as pasting the controller config into controller.cfg could someone link me to controller.cfg that is configured correctly? or guide me....thx
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