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  1. The solution was to update directx if you have the same problem try , thank you all for your collaboration
  2. Yes, as soon as you are home I will let you know that updating the drivers works. although I have seen that many have windows 10 and the audio works for them
  3. It is a pc, but I have not tried to see if drivers need to be updated, I will try
  4. It has an i5 2400 8GB of ram ddr3 intel hd graphics 2000 and Windows 10 is not a great thing but the game runs well without problems, if the other games have audio also in the game settings it is activated, the truth is very uncomfortable to play like this
  5. But what else should I add if it is the only problem I have?
  6. I have the sound on
  7. I have the mlb 2k12 everything fine but it does not have audio, can someone help me with that please
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