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  1. Sorry English isn't my first language, I am French, so I am not always sure of what you explain me
  2. I exported jeter from the original MVP 2005 roster in mpe format. I import him on my 2021 roster file and all is good in exception of his portrait because the portrait in place is not Jeter portrait but the portrait of the player with the same number ID than Jeter in the 2021 roster file....and I don't understand why MVPEdit don't overwrite this portrait Do I must change an option on the editor to overwrite existing portrait or does this is automatic usually ?
  3. Ok thanks you In your example : Do you know how with MVPedit I could found the other player with 1234 audio/portrait ID ? because when I put Jeter in my new roster file......., when I play the game, the name jeter and the attributes are in but the portrait is not jeter portrait but the portrait of another player ? I don't understand why MVPEdit don't overwrite this portrait by the jeter portrait
  4. I'am not sure to understand all what you mean ( my English isn't very very good for a French). In Exemple if in my file Jeter as the number portrait 29 what I must do with MVPEdit to put his portrait in place of the original player with portrait number 29 on 2021 mods file ?
  5. That's what I did, but when I play their portrait are not in ? Does there are an option in MVPEdit to click for importing the player name, attributes act....and his portrait too ? or does this is automatic ? because I don't understand why I imported them and neither of them have their portrait ?
  6. Hello, I'am coming back from hollydays, could you help me ? I'am able to import old deter Jeter, Mike piazza, Burnitz ect from and older file in my 2021 roster file but......they are in my game but they haven't their portrait ? Could you help me please ?
  7. Hello, I'am coming back from hollydays. I 'am able to put my old legend players on my 2021 roster file with MVPEdit but when I look them they haven't their portrait ? why ?
  8. hello from France, I play HH 2004 on PC, and I need help with the DangerZ editor. Could you explain me 3 things please : 1/ How to import a player from the original roster file (ie Derek Jeter) to an updated roster file without Jeter ? 2/ how with DangeZ editor to insert a photo on a created player ? (ie I create Gerritt Cole) and I want to put his photo to see him in the game 3/ how to export a player on my PC to later import him in another roster file Thanks by advance
  9. Hello from France, I downloaded an update roster file with 2021 opening roster on this site, but I can't open the roster sav file on the MVP Edit editor.....could anybody tell me step by step how to open it ? 1/ Does I must transform the sav file in a MBE file ???? and How to do it ??? 2/ how to import players from old roster file (ie Derek Jeter) on the 2021 yankee roster with MVP edit ? Thanks
  10. OK thanks, and does a tool exist to put old players of the original PC 2005 game (In exemple Jeremy burnit z, Kenny Lofton or Mike Piazza) on a mod game file ? and how to do that please ?
  11. Hello, I'am a French player of MVP 2005 on PC and I need your help to update my game with 2021 rosters and players portraits. If I'am right, the best thing to do for get that is to install a 2021 mod file ....right or wrong ? And if it's the best thing to do, could anybody here tell me step by step how to install this 2021 mod file on my computer ? Thanks by advance and be safe with coronavirus
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