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  1. 1993 Roster Update for Dynasty Play

    1993 was the last year I played and closely followed competitive baseball. I was delighted to find HAWK233391's fantastic mod, as well as the great add on by dennisjames71.
    I realized that what I wanted was to immerse myself completely in that 1993 world, and that to do this I would need full minor league rosters, and portraits for every player. I made small steps at adding a few players, but finally decided to do the whole thing.
    There are three files that you'll need. 
    The first is the database with the complete roster for 1993. Every major and minor league team has a full compliment of real players from that season with all of their stats individually edited. I spent well over a hundred hours on Baseball Reference combing over the detailed stats for all these players, and hopefully have created a roster that is relatively accurate. Without question, I will have overlooked things, or gotten lazy when I was tired, so if something seems off, tell me! I may do an update with more free agents and foreign players in the future.
    To install the roster, I recommend creating a new folder with the 1993 Total Classics mod and the 1993 Update. Then simply unzip my file, copy my "database" file into your 1993 mod "data" folder and replace everything.
    I am currently working on how to upload my portrait and face files, as they are giving me errors.
    Thank you to Hawk, Dennis, and especially to Dirtdog. He patiently answered my questions, walked me through uploading the files and, most importantly, spent a great deal of time ensuring that the new players matched up correctly with their face files. Thanks to him, playing this update should be a crash free experience! He will be releasing an update of his own as well.
    Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome, and I hope that you enjoy the updated 1993 experience!


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