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  1. I spoke too soon. I signed the driver file with the MakeCert command-line utility with VS Studio Developer Command Prompt, and miraculously I got past the error and saw the MVP loading screen. But then I got this error: This is crazy! I have CD2 in.
  2. I have tested the following steps on Windows 11: -disabled Secure Boot on my machine through the UEFI, I had to enter my Bitlocker recovery key in order to load back into the OS -downloaded secdrv.sys and moved to system32/drivers folder. -self-signed the file with Driver Signature Enforcement Override tool and rebooted. -enabled TestSigning mode through the Command Line … and I still get the dreaded “login as admin and try again” dialogue when I launch the game. I also tried applying each patch, and tested running after each one with no luck. I want to play
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