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  1. main folder - have you extracted the RAR file? If not you need to download WinRar or 7 zip Carpeta principal donde está Game EXE - ¿Ha extraído el archivo RAR? Si no, necesita descargar WinRar o 7 zip -copiar directamente en la carpeta del juego -instalar reshade desde reshade.me -Iniciar juego y presionar la tecla Inicio Texto traducido al seguir fotos // pero instale la versión de DirectX 9
  2. Version V55.3.03 Final-Polished some


    Now at version 56. But that will be it for a while now. This is real good. In line with the original look as much as is able. The majority of screenshots are from two of the files, V1 Better Realistic Reshade and V6 (a, b, c) 'Better Realistic Reshade Balanced' file, for reference (the first ones probably pre-tweak of similar file but with some color), this is the 'actual' original reshade with what probably is now (I have forgotten) the most consistent, accurate color which can match the games style if it needs to - and I have put in 3 versions, 2 with exactly the same color strength ( bu
  3. Version 21 added night


    Suggestions for which ones to go for to get an overall idea - Atmosphere blue added color - sunshade both versions - similar but cleaner light, yellow/beach sand -original V1 (first screenshot with warm colors) - reshade sunnier V7 -the last couple of screenshots, its for day and night also, this one is crystal clear light and came up really well but use any of them - night version of sunnier V7 is may be only useful for night, but all files basically go alright with night time, though I usually only play in the day or afternoon, changing manually, but
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