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  1. 3 hours ago, andygev35 said:

    New version available which updates to TB Rays new primary logo, new official opening day logo, and minor improvements.


    Thanks for all your hard work and making this along with your SMB2 stuff as well. 😀 Also are your sky textures you're including HD ones ?

  2. @asidewalkcipher

    Well I am glad that was helpful. It was really a shot in the dark form my end, both screens kept turning black before crashing. I am running a ATI 7870 so I thought maybe it was a duel monitor ATI issue but apparently it's just a duel monitor with specific mod issue ( MVP 12/13) since you have a GTX card.

    Also are you able to record anything else besides Mvp on your XP machine at a higher FPS ? I almost want to say I don't think the GTX 7300 can do both very well, but that's all i got off the top of my head.


    what GFX card you running and what resolution ?


    I am using Homer's 2014 faces and your roster so I am slightly confused why its giving me issues. Just mvp 13 + faces/roster.

  3. So I may have gotten confused about the roster, it appears to be current and correct. I installed from the disks. I have apparently tried everything that I have seen or read about. Quite frustrated.

    What is the "J" drive you're talking about? Another physical drive? A partition? A virtual drive?

    All I can tell you for the optimal chance of success are these steps for Windows 7:

    1. Install game from CD's / patch with OFFICIAL patch #3 (4 and 5 are useless)

    2. Make a copy of this entire folder and place on your desktop. Keep your original install available for other installs if so desired.

    3. Unzip the MVP13 7z file to your desktop (easy access) and click on the "explodeme" executable. Point it to the MVP folder you just copied to your desktop (don't type in the location, but use the screen to find this desktop MVP copy).

    4. Attempt to play the game. If it still appears to be the 2005 version. Repeat step #3. Again, make sure you are pointing to the folder and not typing anything in as far as the folder's location (if that's even possible.... can't recall).

    5. Once you verify that you can see the TC13 mod via how those rosters should appear, customized loading screens, etc., attempt to simulate a season using any team. Turn injuries and suspensions off to help avoid freezes. (Typically once you make it into May, it will simulate the rest of the way).

    6. Once you verify that you can simulate a season, make a backup of the models.big file (which is where cyberfaces are housed). Install Homer's facepack by putting that zipped file AND TiT.exe at the MAIN FOLDER LEVEL. TiT will install it to the models.big file. (When using TiT, you should ALWAYS be working from the main folder level..... TiT will install to the proper location no matter where the file is located within the game typically).

    7. Attempt to run the game again.

    8. Once that is successful, go into the data/database subfolder (where the 19 .dat roster files are placed) and delete the 19 .dat files ONLY. Unzip the new rosters of choice to this location.

    9. Attempt to run the game again.

    10. Remember, when testing, choose an MLB stadium and the default home/away uniforms. If you suspect a stadium is causing a crash, copy over the original stadium from your original MVP2005 install.

    I have two physical HDD one is C drive (where windows is installed) the second is L drive. I have installed to both L drive IE not the drive windows is on, and I have tried installing it to the desktop.

    I have followed the steps above word for word with no luck. I was able to sim a franchise past MAY as well.

    EDIT: I did get Total Classics working with no problems. So its weird that this specific mod is giving me issues

  4. Did you install the original game from the disks or digital download?

    Do you have more than one install? Is it possible your shortcut to the game is pointing to the MVP13 folder without the latest rosters, where Prince would be in Detroit versus a folder that contains the rosters? Because with those 19 dat files, there is no way the game is reading "older" rosters unless you're loading another roster set from within the game itself.

    So I may have gotten confused about the roster, it appears to be current and correct. I installed from the disks. I have apparently tried everything that I have seen or read about. Quite frustrated.

  5. Confusing. Of course the Angels have Mike Trout. That's the only team he's played for.

    When copying/installing rosters to that sub-folder, delete the old first and unzip the new. Don't overwrite. Go into the game and look at the roster via the roster management section. Look for a known change (e.g., Price on Detroit). If still not seeing it, select "reset rosters" and look again. If you install the rosters "fresh" as indicated above, they become your default rosters and there is no way they can be showing old rosters, as the game reads these 19 dat files that make up the roster.

    You're still not indicating some things. Did you change the privileges as suggested or still do that first? What OS are you using? Did you try to install to desktop or still to some auxiliary drive?

    Be specific. It will help us help you figure it out.

    Also, when you test gameplay, don't pick an alternate uniform. Go with one of the first two home or away unis. Don't choose a minor league stadium... go with one of the majors (and sometimes Cincy and LA parks for me were suspect in TC 13....pick somewhere else to test).


    I have tried your "fresh" way of installing your the roster. Still not working. Yes prince fielder is in Detroit. I am using Win 7 64bit. I have tried both installing to the desktop and and auxiliary drive. I have tried as admin and not as admin, and every compatibility mode. As far as testing game-play, I just press advanced until the game loads.

  6. Then you are doing something wrong.

    Follow daflyboys advice here.

    I will try with the faces and roster when I get the chance to download them but I am not really sure what i can be doing wrong. From what I understand a total conversion should have all the files needed to run the mod within itself.


    1. Installed MVP05 game to L drive (different then C/ drive)

    2. Installed 2,3,4,5 Patchs in that order.

    3. Set exe to Administration and Compatibity to WinXP

    4. Downloaded MVP13

    5. Extracted to different folder

    6. explodeme.exe to MVP05 directory on L drive

    7. Tested gameplay/create a player ... crash

  7. First off....why not give the $5 and get unlimited downloads? Anywho....

    The answer is no different from above: Homer's latest facepack (in the DL section). Also, I just published the latest rosters version as of today (again, in the DL section). I'm not sure why you need links. Just go to the DL section for the MVP game.

    If you are adding other miscellaneous downloads, then you are bringing in additional factors.

    Let me back up and say if you are crashing, you're not describing where and when this is happening. It could be a stadium, a uniform, etc., etc.

    I am crashing exactly where OP is crashing. When trying to start a game or create a player. Clean install, patched to patch 5 (or 3) I have tried both. Then extract MVP 13 and again crashes when you start game play. No other mods/anything.

    Base game starts and plays just fine.

  8. @Daflyboys...

    You nailed it!

    I don't understand how there was a cyberface issue with only using the the full MVP13 mod, but after installing the 2014 rosters and faces... I was able to start a game and play a few innings without a problem...

    Hopefully this means that all is well and I now have my mother folder from which I can copy and create other conversions from.

    Thank you so much!

    @Yankee4life... I apologize if I posted in a wrong spot, I thought that this forum was the one to use. And since my issue seemed similar but differed slightly, I felt that it would be better suited as a separate post. In the future I will try to build from forum post already created if there are similarities.

    @asidewalkcipher May I inquire what faces and roster you installed to fix your issue ? (a link would be nice lol) Also can you tell me what files I need to download seeing as I only have 2 downloads a day.

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