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  1. 866 downloads

    Here is my version of PNC Park. Let me know if you see anything that needs to be changed. Hope you enjoy it, Pardek
  2. The file in the Zip is the same as the name of the file to be replaced.
  3. You just copy the file into the directory where you installed MLB2K and replace the original file. Make backup the original file first, just in case something goes wrong though.
  4. I will see what I can do with PNC. Thanks, Pardek
  5. 871 downloads

    Here is my updated version (V2.0) of Great American. I have adjusted the ads to match the changes that I found on opening day. Please let me know if you see anything that needs changed. Short list of changes Added, text to the Duke Energy and Chiquita ads. Updated the Tundra & John Morrell ads on the scoreboard. Removed the M&M's logo from the outfield wall and replaced it with KOI Auto Parts. Updated Kroger ad. Added Toyota ad to the Water Wheel. Updated Baseline Field ads. Updated ads behind the plate. Updated dugout wall. Changed the Car in center field from Black to Red. Hope you enjoy it, Pardek
  6. Thank you for the positive feedback. I haven't really decided on which park to take on next. Great American was a natural starting place for me, I have been a Reds fan since I can remember. As I said I intend on updating this one this week to match any changes to the park for the new season. I am certainly willing to take on other projects, If anyone has any suggestions or request. Thanks again.
  7. 258 downloads

    Here is my first version of Great American Ball Park. I will do my best to update it next week after the season starts.
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