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  1. i already install it and wan to play but when its (using old crack) want to play, its failed and return to home screen.... pls advice
  2. Dear All Greetings I actually already become member of this forum since 2007, and already modified my MVP baseball 2005 into MVP baseball 2008 with 2009/2010 rosters. After that i am vacuuumed not play this game and wish to waiting another MLB game, and from all, still i love the mechanism of 2005 and wish EA will continue make new series of this game in near future. Btw, as i juts installing again my game from basic game MVP baseball 2005, i try to modified into 2018, but the game is crash several times, so anyone please guide what kind of mods that i had to install first from the basic game and so on until the lattes update. Pls kindly guide me for this of directing me to the related article that ever discuss about this. Thanks Additional, i play this in PC version
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