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  1. The Paul Konerko cyberface looks so real. wow! Chris Davis looks amazing too. those two stand out.
  2. Any idea why the rosters wont change when I replace them with the alternate rosters download from May?
  3. Thank you so much you have no idea! This has been bugging me. Now if I can get the updated rosters to work properly for me!
  4. This is a pretty old desktop. Im curious to know what the best PC is for playing MVP? I'm ready to get a new one just for this game as it has seemed to be getting more and more incompatible with MVP etc. the older it gets.
  5. Night games same thing. Turned cooperstown effect off, and the grass and the dirt were now missing texture. In response to Kccitystar, my specs are: Windows Vista Home premium version 6.0.6 Dell XPS 410 Intel Core 2 cpu 6300 @ 1.86GHz 2.00 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE
  6. I downloaded the 2012 Oakland Coliseum and replaced it in the stadium folder. And I'm still getting the same Missing Texture issue. Looks the same. Is it possible I'm not downloading or replacing the files properly? Because this same thing happens with anything I try to add to the game, rosters etc.. Thanks again for your time and help. Much appreciated as this game means a whole lot to me. especially being able to play a season with the A's.
  7. Hoping someone can help me here. Ive been playing the mvp mods for a few years now. I downloaded the MVP 15 mod which is absolutely amazing. However, when I play a game at the Oakland Coliseum the grass is bright rainbow hologram kind of colors. Says a bunch of words like 'missing' on it. Other stadiums look good. I also noticed there was a mod made for the Oakland Coliseum which I downloaded. Not sure if that stadium download was meant to fix that issue or not?? Also not 100% sure I'm downloading the extras, like stadiums, audio etc correctly because I couldn't seem to get the updated rosters last season to replace the original rosters, nor could I get any of the extra audio downloads to replace my audio. I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong there? I download the files, click on save the file, then I open them with WinRar and extract them into a folder. then copy and paste them inside the according folder in database. Ive tried it a few different ways. Extracting directly into database, and stadiums or rosters folder directly from WinRar. Still didn't seem to work for the rosters or audio etc. Thanks for your time.
  8. For some reason my rosters are not updating even after I replace my old .dat files with these new ones into my database folder. I open the game, and I still have old rosters. Anyone know why it's not adding the new rosters etc.?
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