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  1. i don't know whats the problem.. i did the same thing u did! i deleted the young, hamilton and hawpe from the all star and i tried to create them back but the same thing happen
  2. thanx a lot man.. i think its the best roster after the 7.31.. only one question why does michael young and josh hamilton appear in the free agents list in the game? i tried to look them up in the mvpedit free agents list to delete them but i cant find them.. is there anyway i can delete them
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    > This is my personal 2010 ALL STAR ROSTER (THE POSITION PLAYERS ARE BASED ON THE VOTES BUT THE PITCHERS ARE REALLY MY OPINION) > The rest of the roster is based on the 7.31 roster (its basically for exhibition use) > TO INSTALL JUST OPEN THE MBE FILE WITH MVPedit AND EXPORT THE FILE INTO C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\MVP Baseball 2010\data\database
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    ok.. my bad it took me so long but i was fixing that problem ya were talking about the game crashing.. well here you have it.. this is only MLB transactions right now im working on the stats.. if there's any problem let me know NOTE> THEIRS NO FIFTH STARTER FOR: ARIZONA CINCINNATI (I KNOW ITS GOING TO BE LEAKE BUT I DONT YET WHO THEY TAKING OUT OF THE 25 MAN ROSTER) COLORADO KANSAS CITY WASHINGTON HOW TO INSTALL> open the MBE file with M
  5. thanks jim825 i didn't realize the error because it hasn't happen to me before.. another thing is that i only exhibition games so.. the rosters which correct are only the MLB ones.
  6. open the mbe file with MVPedit and export it into C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\MVP Baseball 2005\data\database
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    25 man roster are perfectly in order! LINEUPS & ROTATIONS ARE PERFECT TOO!!! tell me what ya think..
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