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  1. 3 hours ago, yount19 said:

    ...I'm looking in the DATA folder and there is a file named datafile and not datafile.txt... Is that the correct file?

    Yes, you’ll actually want to copy both the datafile.big file into the DATAFILE folder plus you’ll also want to copy the DATAFILE.TXT file into the DATA Folder.  That way, you’ll have the same camera angles/choices for any of your MVP games/mods. 

  2. That's really strange.  The problem could be rooted in the main datafile.BIG file.  With pretty much all of my mods; I will use the same datafile.big file for consistency with the sliders/difficulty and then will use the individual datafile.txt files for the stadiums placed in the /data folder.  What you might want to try is to copy the datafile.BIG file from TC 1984 (where you guys have confirmed Tiger stadium works) and paste it into TC 1988's datafile folder (backup the original however) and see if that works.

  3. Hey guys,


    Try this.  Copy the included Comerica Park/Tiger Stadiums (day & night) to your data/stadiums folder and overwrite the existing files.  Also, copy the datafile.txt files to your /data folder as well.  I was able to play a game in Tiger Stadium with no problem.  If this doesn't work, Kccitystar is correct in that it could be related to your main datafile that you are using in the specific mod.  Good luck.

    Tiger Stadium 1988.zip

  4. My apologies that I had been preoccupied until this past Saturday with my son's 1st birthday party and the 4+ months of planning for that.  But I wanted to personally thank you Y4L for your excellent and thorough review for TC 1979 and 1948.  It was and is always a pleasure to work with both Jim and Kyle on these 2 Total Classics projects.  Both of these guys share the same passion and professional quality to detail as I do when it comes to the Total Classics mods and I know I can speak for myself and them, that we enjoy bringing these contributions to the fans of the genre and just MVP Baseball gaming in general.  Again, thank you as always for taking the time to shine the spotlight on our projects and to promote these great efforts.  It's very much appreciated and I hope you are having fun with these games.


  5. Thank you Snodgrass for your excellent screenshots.  

    CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite player growing up.  Dusting off my autographed black bat that he signed for me in 1996 and getting my 1989 Upper Deck Rookie card out to look at and to celebrate today.




  6. That's great.  Thank you so much Raiders....It's been such a while since I've done much editing, that I had forgotten that.  This completely solves my issue and explains everything.  I was originally looking through the entire "logos.IFF".

  7. Hello All,

    I haven't had a ton of time to play some of my favorite baseball games such as MVP and 2K and I came across this mystery tonight when trying to play a Red Sox/Yankees game.  From the screen shots; you'll notice the Orioles logo where the Red Sox should be.  I checked and double checked the small/medium/large 2d logos and everything looks correct; but obviously it's not.  Am I looking in the correct .IFF files?  Can anyone direct me to where these smaller team logos are located?

    Thanks in advance,





  8. Hey All,

    I wanted to chime in with a possible solution to the crashing/monitor resolution issues that were discussed in regards to a recent Total Classics release.  This also applies to all installations for MVP Baseball however.

    My personal story/solution started last Spring (in 2015) when I upgraded my PC monitors to a pair of 27" Samsung 2K Monitors.  I do everything from music editing, mixing, graphic arts work, and gaming with my main PC.  After I upgraded my monitors, I discovered that every single one of my MVP Baseball installs (which includes all of the Total Classics, the Modern Mods, The Asia Series, and the MVP Caribe games) were crashing all over the place.  The crashes would occur in varied stages of the games, the beginning of the 1st inning, the middle of the 3rd inning, of right before 1st pitch, et al.  It was maddening that all these installs that worked previously with my older 1080p monitors worked fine.  Current-gen PC games like the Call of Duty games and (at the time) NBA 2K15 worked perfectly fine with the new 2K monitors but all of the MVP Baseball games would crash.

    Last Spring, KCcitystar posted a link for the 4gb patch:  http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php

    Simply put, this patch which modifies your existing mvp2005.EXE file, SOLVED MY PROBLEM.  After applying that patch and the related .EXE file to my numerous MVP Baseball installations...every single one of them worked with ZERO crashes.  I am convinced that this extra "buffer memory" that is applied to the .EXE prevents crashes due to mods or resolution changes of any sort.  I typically play the MVP Baseball games at 1920 x 1200 as a personal choice and it's perfect to me.  

    I highly recommend to use this patch if any user is having these resolution-based crashes with their game or any of the modifications.

    I hope this info helps.


  9. You brought up many tremendous points Kccitystar and I wanted to offer my input.  I agree wholeheartedly that we need to keep the focus of this website on Baseball, sports, sports game modding…past, present, or future.  I was getting sick to death reading the rhetoric-fest in the shout box about everything other than baseball and gaming and we need to realize that this site will not survive nor thrive if the majority of input equates to another bitch & moan session about politics, religion, nonsensical current events.  I think anyone with a nominal amount logic and common sense can realize that we can certainly go elsewhere for that content but it should not be MvpMods.  It’s gets to a ridiculous point when I, as a regular member of this site and contributor of content, visit the site to get a pulse for what people are wanting or perhaps creating themselves; and I have to read the CNN comment section impersonating as the MVPMods shoutbox.  I then get pissed and hop over the NBA2K modding site and work on modding my basketball games or something else entirely.

    The bottomline is that it creates a disconnect and that is not conducive to helping this site grow, thrive, and, evolve.  Many members may not remember than in the fall of 2010; the MVPMods site almost went offline permanently.  I became a member that year, in the spring and learned how to mod the MVP game and was extremely bummed when the prospect of this community disappearing altogether became all too real.  What I’m trying to say is that the last thing we need to do is to take this community for granted and focus on keeping it strong as the world around us keeps changing and evolving, just as Kccitystar highlighted in his first post here.

    Moving along to his other points; I am a believer that we should focus in getting members more involved with contributions of any sort.  I’m saying that everyone needs to become modders and start contributing that way; but posting a simple screenshot of the following ideas can certainly be an inspiration:

    Screenshots of projects or ideas someone is working on or perhaps a request and visuals.

    Screenshots of dynasty, franchise games or even a random exhibition game from any of the modern mods or the numerous Total Classics mods, and the 2K series mods.

    We could revamp/reboot a “Mods in Progress” or “Ideas in Progress” thread to generate interest as well (with screenshots).

    I know Y4L regularly updates his thread of MVP screenshots which is much appreciated because it creates an important aspect….interest.  Interest is what will inspire the core component of what we do here, and that’s modding these awesome games.  In addition to bhurt99’s Toronto Dynasty threads and JoeRudi’s dynasty threads in the past; my all-time favorite thread is the Share Your Game Images thread:


    I can’t tell you how much these random screenshots can get me inspired to create something or modify something, or to simply try a different camera angle or style of playing.  I think that the more input we have in this area can help motivate someone into wanting or learning to create something “new”.  Back in late 2010, my entire idea for creating the Negro League Mod started out as random talk about Josh Gibson with a couple of members here in the shoutbox.

    As far all modders, whether they are veterans or members just learning to mod; it’s important to creating an environment of encouragement; rather than being ultra-critical and dismissive about someone’s effort.

    I know that modding a 10 year-old baseball game and the 2K baseball games may not seem too hip and exciting to most but I agree with Kccitystar in that we should really utilize the social media tools to promote interest or wider spread interest.  Perhaps, regular and relevant updates to the Facebook page could be a good start.  It took us 10 years to get a snippet of public interest, in regards to the Grantland article this year, thanks to Ben Lindbergh…but we are certainly capable of generating our own interest outside of the MVPMods forums by spreading ideas through these other forms of social media.   

    For the members who were here in 2010; the lesson to be learned was that we simply don’t know how long our online communities will last.  As much as we tend to take things for granted, we have to realize that we need to take a pulse once in awhile.  We have a strong community of talented and motivated modders and contributors and there’s no excuse not use the tools and social media sources which are available.  Most of all, we cannot lose focus….the focus on baseball and baseball gaming.

  10. Back when I released this a few years back, I ran into that same issue.  DylanBradbury solved my problem by turning me onto the Short Season Projector program to allow you to take your team into the playoffs while in Dynasty Mode.

    Here are the instructions:

    1- Copy the shortseason projector .EXE to your desktop.

    2- Start TC 1915 and load your Dynasty

    3- Once you get to your last day of your season (on the calendar); ALT-TAB out of the game and double-click the shortseason projector.EXE

    4- Select option [4] and hit enter.

    5- ALT-TAB back into the TC 1915 game, SAVE your dynasty and exit out of that mode.

    6- Load you Dynasty once again and you should be able to advance to the playoffs.

    Best of luck to you.



  11. Hey thanks for the compliments Y4L and for the info of that InPaint program. I know I got lazy and neglected to remove the SHOW part of the images...I usually knock it out in Photoshop when I'm adding whatever filters I want to the screenshot. I'm liking the look of these filters, it really makes the screenshot pop. :good:

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