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    Awesome calculator. Lost the program with my last laptop. Had to get another copy. Use it ALL the time it is great for retro rosters and game play. A must for anyone who wants "REAL" results, not arcade results!
  1. Dylan, Great job on the calculator! I'm working on the '69 league and this is perfect for creating AAA, AA, and A League players. Once again, Great JOB!
  2. Maestro23, Thanks for the info. That's why I am considered a "Rookie" I typed in portrait tutorial, pics tutorial in the search box, and looked at alot of modding subjects. Once again thanks for the directions. -tgrant81
  3. player portrait tutorial. pics are jpg? bitmap? 16 color, 256, 24 - bit? GIF? PING? How big 125 x 125, 256 x 256? Do I have to go into Photoshop and clear the background? The guys did a tremendous job on the 1969 classic! I'm supposed to be studying for an insurance test, and I keep taking breaks to go to the game. What I would like to do is fill the AAA, AA,and A rosters with actual players from the 1969 season. To do so I would like to also have their protraits included, I can find the pics, I just need the info to incorporate them into the game
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