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  1. I did try that already and it caused the game to crash. By the way, I am a child of the seventies but I just don't like batter music. EA should have left that optional like they did almost everything else in the game.
  2. Thank's but I can't seem to get the datafile.txt to save after I edit it. After I uncompress it again, it shows the original value of 12 instead of 00. After I add the datatext to datadfile.big after editing I also get this message that I'm not sure the significance of - adding * datafile.txt - replacing rename 'temp.viv - 7 datafile.big failed
  3. Can anyone tell me how to turn off the batter music for the 74 classic mod. I was able to delete the batter ditty files in the unmoded game and it worked. But with the mod installed the batter ditty files are still showing to be deleted but they keep playing in the mod. I deleted it from MVP Baseball 2005 ->data -> audio -> cd -> aems folder and also batdit.abk in MVP Baseball 2005 ->data -> audio -> aems folder. I also open the data file as someone else suggested with the BIGGUI tool and could not find this file 0x7c9e6865 127<test> Change value 12 to 0.00 It's a great mod but if I can't turn off the music I'm going back to the vanilla game.
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