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  1. Some style items, yeah. Granderson batting style - Delgado Casey batting style - A.Rod Chad Durbin pitching style - M. Morris (this one is dead on) Zumaya pitching style - I went with Lowe, although Zoom's delivery is pretty generic, actually Nick Markakis is definitely Reggie Jackson, as has been pointed out. It's a dead ringer. You may not want to do the following, but I always change Inge's face to 399, Joe Kennedy, because that 620 he has looks like Huck Finn and not Brandon. I also change Zach Miner to 877 Jon Maine because in the game, it resembles him. I installed Jogar's Fernando Rodney face because it's one of the best cyberfaces I've ever seen. Other than that, just tweaking sliders for All-Star and Pro modes, since I play in all three modes. I use MD 3.1 too.
  2. I had used the injury list a few weeks ago with tywiggins editor. Mota only showed up under suspensions in league news. I spent some time looking for him too. KG, everything looks good. I started up a dynasty with your DLsav last night. A few minor personal tweaks and it's good to go.
  3. There is an XLS file containing this information in the Extras folder of the 07 installation.
  4. Not to confuse the issue, but after downloading patch#2, cyberface 68 was indeed Leyland. I checked it by opening models.big in EAGraph. MVPEdit wasn't reliable for viewing cyberfaces, as I discovered when I installed Jogar's Fernando Rodney face. It wasn't the correct face in MVPEdit, but it was in the game. So changing Leyland's face number to 68 and exporting the roster back into the database should work. And yes, Leyland's uniform number should be 10, but it doesn't matter since the managers all wear jackets.
  5. I fixed it by importing the c530 file with EAGraph. Don't know why that happened in the first place, though.
  6. I've got an issue I can't solve. I downloaded and installed Patch#2 and KG's roster plus. When I play an exhibition, Nate Robertson has the old, original cyberface, but when I check it in MVPEdit or Ty Wiggins editor, it shows his updated cyberface 530. I tried exporting, but it didn't change. I don't think I missed any steps. Any thoughts?
  7. I loaded the roster up in MVPEdit and took a quick look around. I'll have more time later this evening, but I think you've got it. I think I'll hold off a dynasty until the plus version is ready. I've been spoiled by those cyberfaces.
  8. Yeah, that's pretty much the plan, I think. By rule, next spring he would again be under Rule 5 status. Darned good looking young pitcher.
  9. Marcus Thames will open the season as Detroit's backup firstbaseman. Edwin Campusano, who was on the verge of making the team, is having TJ surgery and will be out for the year.
  10. Tigers Opening Day roster set: Bonderman Rogers Verlander Roberson Maroth Ledezma Durbin Mesa Grilli Rodney Zumaya Jones Rodriquez Wilsoo Casey Polanco Perez Guillen Inge Infante Monroe Thames Granderson Ordonez Sheffield Shelton, Miner and Santiago to Toledo Heredia released And Infante is also a backup centerfielder
  11. I found hot zones on the Fox Sports website. Are there better sites for this information? KG is right, though, it doesn't seem to make much difference. I keep getting 7-5 type games, even with contract and power sliders set at minus 50. I'd kill for a good pitcher's duel. This is for CPU vs CPU, btw. When I use the gamepad, it's easy to keep the offense down. I just want to switch the game to "autopilot" for a few innings without the game undergoing a massive offensive explosion.
  12. Thanks KG. I'm just kind of experimenting around with this. I made all the zones neutral just to see what would happen. Not enough games played to draw any conclusions yet, though.
  13. KG, how are the hot/cold zones determined? Is there a way to edit those other than by each individual player?
  14. Curtis Granderson's stance this spring looks more like Carlos Delgado's than anyone else's. Campusano bears watching. He's a rule 5 and will be returned to the Cubs if he doesn't make the big club, but he's making a bid to do just that. Fernando Rodney's changeup is more of a trick pitch than anything else. I wonder if he shouldn't have two different kinds of changeup, so it will do different things. He has, however, been effective with the one in the games I've played.
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