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  1. Gamebase002 added a comment on a file !!"MLB 2K13 image patches"!!   

    english.iff有分PS2按鍵(PS2 button)跟普通按鍵(normal button).iff
    "There's an .iff file for PS2 controller and an .iff file for normal controller
  2. Gamebase002 added a comment on a file MVP 08 Baseball   

  3. Gamebase002 added a comment on a file BSU-FAN'S NoFakeNames Roster   

    我的達比修有玩任何模式都是這樣 5種球路都紅色變不回來使用MLB roster editor編輯器改成官方名單數據也是一樣 樓主之不知道哪邊讓達比修有出現BUG...?? 無法改回來的話達比修無法當我的先發了

    投第2局5個全紅 投到第4局完 還是全紅

    而達比修我自己試了兩場 都是這樣第2局就全紅 變不回來
  4. Gamebase002 added a comment on a file Yu Darvish   

    2K10 Yu Darvish