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  1. tomk30816

    Detroit Tigers 40-Man Portraits (06/12/2018)

    Thank you for your continued uploading of the team portraits!!
  2. tomk30816


    Could someone with the ability of making titlepages, please make one of Jose Ramirez and Corey Kluber of the Indians for 2018? Thanks in advance.
  3. tomk30816

    .dds supported programs

    google it.
  4. tomk30816

    Act Portrait 2018

    Thank you for your time and efforts. It is very much appreciated.
  5. tomk30816

    Kansas City Royals 40-Man Portraits (06/05/2018)

    Thank you, they are very much appreciated.
  6. tomk30816

    Minnesota Twins 40-Man Portraits (05/26/2018)

    Thank you for your time and efforts on these team portrait packs.
  7. tomk30816

    Franchise 2K18

    Have you tried adding him through the 2K12 roster editor, instead of in game?
  8. tomk30816

    Reset Roster option in the game menu

    Ok, thanks for the replies. That's what I thought, but wasn't sure.
  9. tomk30816

    Reset Roster option in the game menu

    Can someone tell me what the reset roster option does in the game menu? I see no explanation in the manual, and didn't want to use it and wipe out anything until I knew what it did exactly. Has anyone used the option? Thanks in advance.
  10. tomk30816

    Oakland Athletics 40-Man Portraits (05/15/2018)

    Portraits look great, excellent job. Thank You.
  11. tomk30816

    LA Angels 40-Man Portraits (05/10/2018)

    Thank you for the portraits, they look excellent!!
  12. tomk30816

    cdf File

    I checked that out before I posted my question. All that did was show a bunch of text. Thanks for the referral.
  13. tomk30816

    cdf File

    I'm trying to see the player photos that are in the MLB2K12 .cdf file. If I create player photos from the MLB site, the photos of the players are larger, as opposed to creating them from the ESPN site. The head sizes appear larger in the game and you can see a noticeable difference. I use Corel Paintshop and size both at 256 by 256
  14. tomk30816

    cdf File

    Is there a program that can open up the .cdf file, so that those photos can be extracted?
  15. tomk30816

    Ages Continuing to be Wrong

    I think you need to have Reditor II guru edition to do same. Good luck with that, if you don't have it. He is hard to get a hold of. He lives in Russia.