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  1. Which actual roster file is this updated list assoc with? To get the updated cf's and such
  2. They did originally, but not rn i believe. Oh sorry, I thought u were replying to my last one. My bad! Didn't mean to interject. But also my cf's do work in eagraph Update: I fixed it with a reinstall of mvpedit
  3. I actually have a similar issue. I had to re-install my game. And now I can't get the cf's to appear in mvpedit. Can anyone point me to the download with possibly one of the total conversions, so I have the most recent cf facepack or collection to show up, and the correct portraits id ?
  4. Does anyone have the latest updated to now cf list? Is it in this thread? Which one is updated to today?
  5. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out. These are great.
    I love it, but there are alot of "lesser" players omitted. For example the 2020 players who won ROY.
  6. Nice job, Jed! Can't wait to see whatcha got next.
  7. Good call, Y4L! That makes sense. I was just curious bc for a while recently, there was a flurry of activity in here. I didn't mean to cause trouble. I just was curious what, if anything, is in the works. I know it's a slow time right now. It's very rare lately when this thread is dormant for a long time, and I was just inquiring in general.
  8. I'm not trolling. I just saw that nothing added in a while, and making sure nothing wrong. It's called caring and looking out for others. I didn't pressure anyone. I was simply asking a question.
  9. Don't mean to be rude or force anyone, but just curious what the next faces will be. Appreciate it!
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