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  1. I was not trying to start anything. Just curious......................
  2. These are very good! Thanks for those! Can u release them for download?
    Nice job on the rosters, but missing something with portraits. I Know u said no portraits. I figured it's alot to do the rosters & PICS. But still missing something w/o. Thanks!
  3. Say it ain't so! Hopefully Jed will still do more.
  4. Not sure if this is off topic, but how do we edit the cf's from 491-505? Mvpedit doesn't allow "generic".
    These are amazing! Can u possibly do an update for Mike Trout in this format?
  5. executioner, huh? Btw, its the same cf that he had before.
  6. Alex Verdugo is not in the file that was just uploaded, even though the description says he is in it.
    I see it. Thanks! But you said u updated Verdugo. This is the exact same cf he always had!
  7. Hey! How do u change the team in Mvpedit to be Cleveland Guardians? TIA
  8. SOrry. I was just curious. I didn't see it there, so i asked. My bad.
  9. Nice job! Some really good ones. Is it there to d/l?
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