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    Chicago should be listed in the description as well
  1. Sorry, my bad! I didn't mean to seem pushy. I just wanted to ask in the correct thread. I am totally clueless after checking out many tutorials and such online for cf's. Can someone work with me? Specifically, how to get going in Blender 3.0.4, and how to make a specific photo/texture (see below, just an example). Second pic below is the one I wanna make into a model.
  2. Hey! What about possibly JAzz Chisholm face?
  3. How about Jazz Chisholm Jr.? WIth his multiple hair styles and headbands.
  4. Nice job, but how about Jazz Chisholm Jr. with his different colors of hair and braids/afros?
  5. On a similar note, is there a way to make DH a "1st position" in mvpedit?
  6. Can you do more Marlins? Or clean shaven yankees?
  7. Hopefully the lockout is not whats preventing more uploads. Maybe cuz its the offseason. Idk, but I'm not gonna push anyone to do anything. Just can't wait for everything to clear up.
  8. Nice job. Excited to continue downloading again, but no rush.
    Nice job, but can you update them (especially Baldelli)?
    Nice job! There are very good! But the COunsell one is still the same generic blank one from the original game.
  9. Good job! Yankee cf's are the hardest bc u have to eliminate all facial hair. But also need more Marlins ones. Not gonna beg. I'm thankful for whatever ones you produce. But can u possibly do Cole Tucker with long hair and headband? Or other "headband" faces? Thanks!
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