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  1. Good job, Jed! But what's that black spot around his neck? David Dahl Or Garrett Cooper?
  2. Nice job, Jed! But what is the black spot at the bottom? Can you do Lewis Brinson too?
  3. Jed, can u do some of the Marlins? Lewis Brinson, maybe?
  4. good job but maybe lighten the complexion a tad
  5. Jed, can u do Jon Gray and GArrett Cooper?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    These are the headshots of all the new acquisitions on the 4 teams with logo tweaks (TEX, ARI, MIL, SD). Managers too. Also, in the managers' photos, the background color is a lighter version of that team's alternate color. Please note that this is only the bitmaps, but you gotta start with something. Enjoy!!
  7. Plus, a lot of times when I finally find a good face, it's at an angle
  8. About the perfect headshots, thanks all! But what about those players who always have open smiles? Or like, when we find a good cold-mouth pic, but it's at an angle? How do we work around that?
  9. I was just wondering where the CF experts get their headshots. I ask bc It's often clear to find a clear pic with closed mouth
  10. Gerrit Cole or other recent Yankees clean shaven
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