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  1. LetsGoFish2015

    Coming soon MVP Baseball 18 v.10

    Can't wait!
  2. LetsGoFish2015

    Some faces I made 1.0.0

    Some samples in the description
  3. LetsGoFish2015

    Some faces I made 1.0.0

    Feel free to comment and review
  4. LetsGoFish2015

    Several Faces

    Version 1.0.0


    I only attached a few of the portraits, but you get the point. Enjoy!! As always, I credit the previous face-makers with laying the background to base my work on...…. Remember to comment and review...……..
  5. LetsGoFish2015

    Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Here are some I did Adalberto Mejia.bmp Adam Frazier.bmp AJ Ramos.BMP Albert Almora Jr.bmp Alex Reyes.bmp Alex Wilson.bmp Andrew Chafin.bmp Andrew Knapp.bmp Archie Bradley.BMP Arodys Vizcaino.bmp Austin Barnes.bmp Austin Brice.bmp Austin Hedges.bmp Barraclough.bmp Blake Snell.bmp Blake Treinen.bmp Brad Brach.bmp Brad Hand.bmp Brandon Drury.bmp Brandon Finnegan.bmp Brian Anderson.bmp Brian Goodwin.bmp Bruce Maxwell.bmp Bryan Shaw.bmp Carl Edwards Jr.bmp Carlos Asuaje.bmp Carson Kelly.bmp Chad Bettis.bmp Chad Kuhl.bmp Chance Sisco.bmp Charlie Tilson.bmp Christian Arroyo.bmp CJ Cron.BMP Cory Spangenberg.bmp Dan Vogelbach.BMP Daniel Norris.BMP Dansby Swanson.bmp David Dahl.bmp Delino DeShields Jr.bmp Derek Dietrich.BMP Derek Fisher.bmp Dominic Smith.bmp Drew Butera.BMP Felipe Vazquez.bmp Franklin Barreto.bmp Greg Bird.bmp Greg Garcia.bmp Guillermo Heredia.bmp Hector Neris.bmp Hunter Renfroe.bmp JaCoby Jones.bmp Jake Barrett.BMP Jake Diekman.BMP Jake Smolinski.bmp James McCann.bmp Jameson Taillon.bmp Jarlin Garcia.bmp Jerad Eickhoff.bmp Jerry Blevins.bmp Jesse Winker.bmp Joey Rickard.bmp Johan Camargo.bmp John Hicks.bmp Jon Gray.bmp Jorge Alfaro.bmp Jose Ureña.bmp Josh Fields.BMP Josh Tomlin.bmp JP Crawford.bmp JT Riddle.bmp Kaleb Cowart.bmp Kelby Tomlinson.bmp Keone Kela.bmp Kevin Gausman.bmp Lewis Brinson.bmp Logan Forsythe.bmp Lucas Giolito.bmp Luis Castillo.bmp Luis Perdomo.bmp Mac Williamson.bmp Maikel Franco.BMP Mallex Smith.bmp Manuel Margot.bmp Marco Estrada.BMP Mark Leiter Jr.bmp Matt Andriese.bmp Matt Chapman.bmp Matt Szczur.bmp Matt Wisler.bmp Matthew Boyd.bmp Michael Lorenzen.bmp Mike Dunn.BMP Mikie Mahtook.bmp Mitch Garver.bmp Mitch Haniger.bmp Odorizzi.bmp Odubel Herrera.bmp Ozzie Albies.bmp Paulo Orlando.BMP Rafael Devers.bmp Rafael Montero.bmp Raisel Iglesias.BMP Rhys Hoskins.bmp Robert Gsellman.bmp Ronald Acuña.bmp Ross Stripling.bmp Ryan Goins.bmp Ryan Rua.bmp Ryan Tepera.bmp Ryon Healy.bmp Sam Dyson.bmp Sam Travis.bmp Scott Kingery.bmp Scott Schebler.bmp Sean Manaea.bmp Sean Newcomb.bmp Sean Rodriguez.BMP Shawn Kelley.bmp Stephen Piscotty.bmp Taylor Motter.bmp Teoscar Hernandez.bmp Tom Murphy.bmp Tommy Hunter.BMP Tommy Joseph.bmp Tommy Pham.bmp Tony Wolters.bmp Trey Mancini.bmp Tucker Barnhart.bmp Tyler Anderson.bmp Tyler Glasnow.bmp Tyler Naquin.bmp Tyler Thornburg.bmp Vince Velasquez.bmp Wade Miley.bmp Whit Merrifield.bmp Yolmer Sanchez.BMP Yonder Alonso.bmp Zach Eflin.bmp Zack Cozart.bmp Zack Godley.bmp One more Brandon Nimmo.bmp
  6. LetsGoFish2015

    Site Maintenance (updated 5/11/18)

    How do we load True Blue?
  7. LetsGoFish2015

    Portrait pack #1 by Muller_11

    Awesome! But can I get a text document to ID each player by his photo?
  8. LetsGoFish2015

    2018 MVP Portraits

    This is great! Can't wait for release
  9. LetsGoFish2015

    2018 Managers cyberface pack

    These are pretty good, but can we get a Dave Roberts FULL face, rather than HALF face? Also, some of the color and shading needs to be evened out.
  10. LetsGoFish2015

    Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    Looks like Chase Utley to me
  11. LetsGoFish2015

    Incorrect download file

    I just checked, and it's still the wrong file. Did you get a reply back yet from the modder?
  12. LetsGoFish2015

    Incorrect download file

    Do you know if the modder got word of it yet, or fixed it yet?
  13. LetsGoFish2015

    Incorrect download file

    I sent him a PM. Waiting to hear back from him. Meantime, can someone step in here and help out to make this right?
  14. LetsGoFish2015

    Incorrect download file

    Yes. I clicked on "Download", and it asks me if I wanna save or open the file, but it asks about the Aaron Judge/Senzatela file from the other day. It's not the correct file that pops up for me. Can someone PM me the correct one?
  15. LetsGoFish2015

    Incorrect download file

    When I go to download Thames/Arcia, what actually is downloaded is the previous days Aaron Judge file. Can this be corrected?