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  1. Jed, can u do Garrett Cooper or Mark Melancon? Thanks! GOOD JOB ON THESE U DID!
  2. Good job, but i thought this last one was already done. Jed, i don't wanna force u. But i have 1 suggestion. Feel free to say no, and thats okay. How about Garrett Cooper?
  3. I can't find these faces in the mod anymore.........never mind
    Nice job. But when I import into mvpedit, it reverts portraits back to last year. Maybe I had the wrong portrat.big file. Is that the problem? Otherwise, GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! Update: I think it was on me. But Can someone just confirm?
  4. Can u link me to where it's explained? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! That helps somewhat. This is what I'm lost on. I checked 430 and 258 that i have, and i don't have THOSE.
  6. WHich roster file has these updated cf's? I haven't seen c258 Yoshi or c430 Bohm. Is it the 2021 models.big?
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