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  1. Can you put name of player when u upload? Is this Markakis?
  2. Jed, where do u get good "sideways" pics?
  3. Perfect! Another "hair" player. Looking fwd to seeing Jed's outstanding work!
  4. First one is silent, and second in Spanish. First video is silent. Second video in Spanish.
  5. That's true. I must have just misunderstood him. And yes, I know what I promised. No problem there. I meant that I'm here for him, and willing to team up to learn, if he wants. That's all.
  6. Can u help me to get better at this ?
  7. Or some other with "dreads" or bushy beard. Billy Hamilton and AJ Minter are giving me a challenge.
  8. Mookie Betts looks perfect, Jed! Nice job! Can u pls do Billy Hamilton, or other similar dreads guys? Thx!
  9. Nice work on that one, Jed! Are u gonna do the other managers? If not, its cool. just curious bud.
  10. That one is awesome, Jed! But can you do also more bearded players, like AJ Minter? Thanks!
  11. Which one(s) should I continue with, and which one(s) to dump?
  12. I have several works on Marlins 3B Brian Anderson. Not sure which one(s) to go with. Let me know what ya'll think. I will post in next thread. Sorry to bump, but technically they are coming 5 days apart.
  13. Nice job, Jed. Would u be able to do any more Marlins?
  14. These manager faces are really turning out great! Can't wait to see what else is coming!
  15. Trying to learn how to cyberfaces.
  16. You can work with me (another newb)
  17. I extracted them, and some are nothing more than a blank screen. The ones labeled as "NA.jpg".
  18. Mookie Betts George Springer
  19. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome! Jed, where do u find the pics you use? I have a hard time finding "good" "sideways" pics. Or I find good headshots, but a lot of them have the guy wearing hat, instead of visible hair.
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