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2020/2021 Oakland Athletics Uniform Set 2021-1.0

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About This File

Hello, guys. This is my second 2020 and Nike uniform set for MLB Baseball 2K12. Again, I've put a lot of care in this set. Much more than I expected, once I decided to work with the A’s. I thought it was going to be an easy update of my 2017 set with a simple addition, but at the end I actually rebuilt a lot of things.


For this set I've made 5 uniforms:

- Home white uniform (uniform base is now original Rockies pinstripes uniform)

- Road gray uniform (same uniform base as the white one)

- New (2018) kelly green jersey home alternate (same uniform base as the white one)

- Dark green jersey alternate home uniform (uniform base is now original White Sox pinstripes uniform)

- Dark green jersey alternate road uniform (same uniform base as the home version)


I’m not the only author of all these files. @pickelbrad has told me to use his great high socks set in my uniforms. Also @kccitystar has given me some great advices, in order to improve several aspects of my uniforms. I took his advices, and some of his files too. Our common goal here is making the best possible A’s uniform versions, and extending it to all MLB. Name patches or tabs have been removed. And that’s the main reason for the uniform base change. I had to rework all the letterings, and even apply slight deformations to some elements, in order to make them look more accurate in the game engine. Even the front buttons have been relocated, according to the letterings, KC... XD.


Please, remember to update the colors by importing "0-Athletics2020.txt" with MLB2K12 Roster Editor, in order to have the right colors for these uniforms.


So, I hope you like this set. I think the final result is much better than I expected, thanks to KC and picklebrad.


Also, if you don't know it yet, just give a try to this GLOBAL.IFF file to improve the way the jerseys look. It will help not just these uniforms, but all the ones you already have in the game:



And please, don't forget to support me via PayPal: http://paypal.me/umachines , so even greater things will be able to come this season. You know, guys, I love all this stuff, but it takes time and effort too. Let me know about yor donation via PM.


Well, that's enough for now. Hope you like them. BE SAFE!!!, STAY AT HOME!. I'M AT HOME THESE DAYS AS YOU CAN SEE XD.

What's New in Version 2021-1.0   See changelog


This was another of my first 2020 sets and I wanted to make a full review. It was missing some retro uniforms too, and I found early Rickey Henderson’s career perfect for this task. So, a total of 9 uniforms come in this new version. These are the most important changes:


- Home, road and both Kelly green uniforms base moved to Orioles Alternate, in order to improve Chest script, front numbers and cap logo size.

- Uniforms priority order fixed. Now kelly green uniforms are before dark green ones.

- Added 1979 Rickey Henderson’s rookie year yellow pullover uniform on CL1 slot.

- Added 1984 RH’s Stolen base season record gray uniform on CL2 slot.

- Added 1984 green pullover uniform on BPH slot.

- All pullover uniforms bases are different Chicago White Sox unies, mainly because of its big cap logo is perfect for the “A’s”.

- Several improvements and fixes on the color schemes of all uniforms.

- Several improvements and fixes on alpha channels, numbers, names and scripts of all uniforms.


Don’t forget to update the color list again, in order to apply all the changes and updates, by importing “2021-UM-AthleticsColors.txt” with the Roster Editor Tool.


v2020 is gone, because this one has the same uniforms, plus the new throwbacks.

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