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  1. Awesome! I know theses were done several years ago by someone(?) but they are still my favorites...
    Killer set as always! Thanks for the mods you guys produce, they are very appreciated!
  2. I know I mentioned Rogers earlier, and that's probably not possible, but how about something like batting helmets? I know PB started trying to work some up a couple of years ago...could these represent the missing piece? I'm not sure RBI is worth modding, to be honest. But clearly some of it's assets could be useful to modding 2k.
  3. Awesome. Rogers is consistently referred to as one of the worst home parks in the league, but it seems really cool and unique to me. Thanks again for all you guys do with these mods!
  4. Nice! Very nice! That grass could look great in your stadiums, PB. Just curious, I actually know almost nothing about modding, but do you think that Rogers Center in RBI could provide a way to update 2k with a version that actually has a dirt infield? I know it hasn't been possible previously, but that turf has bugged me for years and I am currently playing a franchise with the Jays.
    Awesome as always! Thanks for your unis!
  5. Yes, it's better than before, but still pretty sloppy. The hitting/pitching mechanics are an upgrade but fielding is still a nightmare, cut off guys leave the base uncovered to get the cut off meaning no body covers the base your relaying to, playing in Colorado outright crashes the game(pc), you cant disable the stupid "mercy rule", some pitchers only have one pitch, ect. MLB needs to be all in or all out with the series, imo. On the other hand, SMB3 will be awesome! If they add some more content, like home stadiums for each team, it could be the best baseball game in some time...they've been very close with SMB1/2. I still always come back to 2k with mods from here. It just feels right after all this time.
  6. Much better game than previous versions, but it may be more valuable as a mod source for 2k! I cant wait to see some of this stuff in the game, thanks guys!
  7. really nice! love those NB cleats!
  8. Ah...oh well. I have an awesome "stock" roster that I have used and worked on for years...IT WORKS and I cant stand the clones. Thanks for all the work you guys put into these old games and, most importantly, stay well! Bad in NYC right now...
  9. Just to clarify for us tech-noobs out here like me, does this mean I can play with the original roster, with no bugs and clones, and have league re-alignment built in? Can I use my own current 2012 roster?
  10. I really like the new hitting and pitching mechanics, and the series overall is worlds better than it was a few years ago. That said, it's still not perfect. I am playing it for sure, but I'm also getting geared up for SMB3 next month. It's really nice to have all these options for baseball gaming on the PC!
  11. As a person pulling for the Dodgers in the last couple of WS, against the Astros and Red Sox with Cora, it's beyond laughable. It's plain old 100% USDA certified BS. At least LA put up some runs in those games, but "timely clutch hitting" by the Astros and Sox bested them....lol. The punishment should include they're having to give their opponents the pitch in all road games for 2-3 years.
    Thanks, KC, love these new Nike unis!
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