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    sweet royals set! thanks for your continued work on this !
  1. Exciting stuff, pb! Nice work!
    Sweet set! Best Mets set by far!
    Thanks again for your mods, they are awesome!
    Excellent! You should pack these into divisional downloads like last year when you finish them. These are all great uniforms!
    Great! Typical top shelf mod by UM!
    Awesome, as always! Top quality uni's, thanks so much!
  2. Either way, he's REDy... Nice work on that zipper!
    Thanks for these awesome bosox unis! You are appreciated!
    Very cool! I always liked those old Rays unis and they were quite popular with fans, as best I can recall. I never got why they changed them to those ugly green ones that were soon (understandably) replaced with the more current look... Thanks!
  3. Awesome job on the Giants set, man. The hat/ helmet logo's really pop now! Thanks for your continued work on these uniforms!
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