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  1. ming

    How to change a team name in overlay?

    Just out of curiosity, is that where you would go to alter the color behind the team name? The Mets logo completely blends in as does the Pirates. I would love to explore changing those colors to blue and black respectively. EDIT....disregard, wrong game. Sorry.
  2. ming

    Tampa Bay Rays Uniform

    nice! Thanks!
  3. ming

    Cleveland Indians New Uniform 2019

    Been waiting for a long time for some tribe unis with the home red trim...thanks so much! Most of the great local uniform modders, and they are great, seem to have overlooked that they wear red accessories at home.
  4. I just hope if they do it, they will make it a mod friendly game. I would really look forward to what the local modding legends could do with it!
  5. If EA does it, there's a good chance it will be crap... Love to see it though.
  6. ming

    MLB Stance socks

    Awesome, PB....what unis will serve as your base?
  7. ming

    SMB2 Team Transfer Tool

    Cool. I plan on trying this out soon! Thanks for uploading this here at the worlds best baseball site!
  8. ming

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Awesome! Cool game, great community.
  9. ming

    Homestead Grays

    Nice! Thanks for the unique uni for the pirates.
  10. ming

    Dirt Infield

    Ah...my WinRAR version was very old and an updated version did the trick. Thanks!
  11. ming

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Downloading now...SMB1 was awesome imo, and I'm guessing 2 is even better based on what they have tweaked. Its a "lite sim" wrapped in kiddie graphics. I cant wait to see what KC and the other great MVPmods guys can do with this!
  12. ming

    Dirt Infield

    Thanks! Your the REAL MarkusBroede! I'm still having problems getting it to open...using winzip. Obviously others are getting it to work, but I downloaded a different stadium and it worked fine. Should I be using a different tool?
  13. ming

    Dirt Infield

    Really cool that this is still being explored by the top modders around here...thanks for all you guys do and good luck to you guys on RC. BTW Markus, I cant get your latest version to open after DL, any tips or perhaps the file is corrupted? Also, I loved Roy Sheider's character Markus Brody. Nice!
  14. ming

    Toronto Blue Jays Stadium (my Style)

    download is bugged for me...
  15. ming

    Toronto Blue Jays Stadium (my Style)

    Nice! BTW, Is it even possible to put infield baseline dirt in this park? No biggie, but it must be pretty hard if its possible.