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  1. Official Stadium Request Thread

    Cool stadium...I used to live close to The Met in Hoover and get to several games and the SEC tourney. I only recently learned the Barons had moved. Ha, I go back all the way to Rick wood field in West End! Thanks for posting these pics, Bamaredwingfan! Looks short down that LF line...
  2. faces bug

    This makes playing seasons with injuries a pain too. When a guy goes on the dl and someone is brought up, someone else will suddenly get a generic face.
  3. 2015 New York Mets

    Lets go Mets! Thanks!
  4. MLB Screenshots

    Looks like a good game to take the young kids to...they can run and rip all over the place and not bug a soul! Thanks for the pics!
  5. Throwback unis

    Thanks for this! I can do the color list on my own, I just cant edit the .dds in the .iff and get it to work right. You should know how much the mods you guys make matter. Its just a game sure, and its a fun hobby for you guys, but its a baseball game that I have spent the last 5 years playing. These mods and this community are worth more than you know. I'll give to the site tomorrow! Thanks!
  6. Throwback unis

    Yes! These guys used red as well as blue accessories all the way back to at least to the Omar and Lofton days! First time that has been in a 2k baseball game, you da man, Raiders! That is perfect...and the stirrups can be applied from the in-game player editor. You interested in doing the blue jersey alt with these socks? And do you have a way I can chip in a little money for you, or should it go to the site? THANKS!
  7. Throwback unis

    I think its the block letter C on them, at least I haven't seen them in Wahoo helmets at all, and I think Lindor usually wears stirrups with the stripes much like the pics Picklebrad posted in his recent Lindor cyberface mod. Socks are all getting unique this year, like the cool Mets socks with the skyline like Reyes wears. Straight red is great... Thanks, again! BTW, here's those Mets socks...
  8. Throwback unis

    AWESOME! I worked on it very long before just posting here and giving up. MVP uni's are so simple to mod, comparatively speaking. I owe you, man!
  9. Throwback unis

    Here you go...If you did these, I would be in your debt! Love the Dodger set you did!
  10. Throwback unis

    Don't know of one...I got the socks done well in Paint, but then the sleeve patches were black if you looked at them from more than a few feet away. I just couldn't figure out how to keep them visible.
  11. Throwback unis

    Thanks for the sentiment, and for all of your mvp mods! I'm sure those that still play the classic appreciate your work! Maybe we'll get an interested modder...PB or KC or UM, if he is still lurking about.
  12. Throwback unis

    Id be thrilled if someone could do the basic home uni's with red socks and trim like they really wear. Umachines released some killer templates and some awesome uni's, but nobody else seems to be putting out uni's this year. I even tried modding the socks myself, but then the sleeve patches got screwed up...I am totally lost. I would buy the Indians umachines home set with red trim and this classic!
  13. 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers

    Great, and you added the much overlooked two road uniforms...great!
  14. Modding question

    Ok, so I am working on editing the latest U-Machines Indians home's to have the red socks like they have been playing in for a couple of seasons. I used a different #5 dds that had the red socks, Nats I think, and basically copy/ pasted the corners with the needed content over on to the Indians uni files and saved and re-imported. It worked, but the old navy bled through from distance, so I found that I had to use MIP's. That worked and the unis look great...except now some details like the various patches on the jersey's are black! I think they are on a different file in the .iff and are meant to "show through", but I seem to have screwed that up somehow. Did I miss something or should I just paint the socks instead of pasting others or what? Any help would be appreciated, but I just couldn't find anything I could understand in the tutorials and threads I found through searches...
  15. Francisco Lindor

    Great Lindor! I'm lovin your Dodger Stadium, clouds, and sweet fx settings in the screens too! Thanks!