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  1. As a person pulling for the Dodgers in the last couple of WS, against the Astros and Red Sox with Cora, it's beyond laughable. It's plain old 100% USDA certified BS. At least LA put up some runs in those games, but "timely clutch hitting" by the Astros and Sox bested them....lol. The punishment should include they're having to give their opponents the pitch in all road games for 2-3 years.
    Thanks, KC, love these new Nike unis!
    Wow, more unis from KC! Thanks for all your mods, KC!
    Nice work as always PB!
  2. Sweet, I think these are better than the old gold road set they used to use!
  3. Nice as always, sweet crowds too!
    Thanks as always machine, top shelf unis!
    Great work...hate he was left in too long!
    Top shelf as always! Thanks so much for your mods, and I was just reading a few weeks ago about the tragedy of the Expos...certainly not forgotten! Still missing this years alt road Braves jersey from you, but anything you submit will be greatly appreciated.
    Busy bee...great for us! Thanks for these, nice to have your updates!
    Awesome! I'm so glad you did these...great job with them as always!
    Thanks for the continued work you do! Awesome stuff!
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