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Legends from the Booth, the "No-Krukow" Phase

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About This File

I am not giving this release a version because I don't consider this project in any way

being close to being complete. However, AlexTony suggested that I release something in

order to maintain interest in this project and let everybody know that there is progress

being made. Once I got going with blanking out the Krukow color commentary, it only took

me two weeks to do so compared to other phases of the project, it wasn't such a big deal.

Judging from the forum posts and messages from the MVP members, it seemed there's was big

demand to get rid of Krukow from the PBP audio. Not all of it is bad but he does get a

bit annoying with some of his color commentary.

This introductory phase of the project will take care of that.

You will also hear the beginnings of the mod in progress in some cases. There is a little

bit of color commentary from Vin Scully and just a little from Ernie Harwell. You will hear

variations of the game introduction from Vin, Mel, and Ernie.

There are four files included in this mod:

pnamehdr.big --> to be copied to: MVP Baseball 2005\data\audio\spch_pbp\




All 3 of which will be copied to: MVP Baseball 2005\data\audio\cd\spch_pbp\


I considered having an installer made but I decided not to because I want everybody to know

exactly what files they have modified so that they can properly back them up and revert to

them if they don't like the results.

You don't have to copy all the files if you only want some aspects of the mod to take effect.

I'll describe what the files do:

pnamehdr.big - this file has been modified to delete the Krukow name index so that Krukow last

names are not announced. I didn't want to delete the actual data but simply getting rid of

the headers will make it so those names are not announced. This file is needed otherwise

you could hear a Krukow name and then no commentary afterwards. It would sound a little odd.

pbpdat.big - this file is the big daddy. It contains the actual PBP commentary with Krukow

blanked out.

stdnmdat.big - if you want Vin and Mel to announce the stadiums in the game intro, then copy

this file into your game folders.

tnamedat.big - if you want Vin and Mel to announce the major league teams in the game intro,

then copy this file. I am currently working on having Ernie Harwell do the minor league

teams since those are available from his source vocal file. This should be ready by the

next phase which will be the Ernie Harwell 'color' phase where he replaces Krukow where

possible and appropriate.



Compared to audio in some other baseball games, the MVP PBP has a lot more variation. In the

completed version of the mod, there will probably be more repeated sounds since the replacements

simply don't have as much variation.

With Krukow gone, there will seem to be a lot of instances of no commentary. MVP is not so

rich in play-by-play as say Baseball for Windows, Broadcast Blast is. MVP lets much of the

play on the field do the talking for it as you would have in a television telecast where

there is less play-by-play than you would have in a radio broadcast.

Names have not been done yet and probably won't be done until the very end. I am recruiting

help to do player names. The player index will follow that of the Total Classics releases

with gaps being filled in by the names from Total Audio releases. So Total Classics will be

the primary with Total Audio being the secondary player name index. I feel this mod's

interest will be more from the Classics fans so I feel obligated to satisfy their needs

although everybody who plays MVP can gain enjoyment from this mod.

Well, enjoy this mod for you Krukow-haters and for those who might want a preview of more to

come later.

- OTBjoel

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