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UAR Photomod 2K12 V2 By Darth Skinett V2

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About This File

This is Darth Skinett's work and I am just passing it along since I see many people are still wanting a good ENB series mod. This is hands down the most realistic yet eye catching HDTV style color you will find for MLB2k12. This not only brightens colors significantly without over saturation but it also helps significantly with the grey tone 2K used instead of a true black. Also reflections and other textures take to light far more realistically with this mod. I have recently installed the new FXAA tool released and then re-installed this enb mod on top of that mod and my jaw about hit the floor. UNBELIEVABLE GRAPHICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This with all of the new stadium mods and others great mods takes this game to a whole new level! So here is a step by step guide for installation and once finished you just may have the best looking baseball game you have ever seen. Be sure to back everything up in case your PC can't handle this mod or you don't like it.

1st: Install the FXAA mod by MissionMaximus

2nd: Download this mod and extract the files directly into your main "Major League Baseball 2k12" folder.

3rd: Start game and run a benchmark to see if your PC can handle the souped up graphics.

4th: If it benchmarks well and you are happy play a game and watch as the shadows look crisp and the anti aliasing looks perfect. The colors will now pop off the screen and you will see for yourself what I am talking about.

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