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Wudls roster AL East BETA 0.1 Beta

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WUDL's MLB 2k12 rating-edited roster




This is my first AL East beta version of my MLB 2k12 roster project. Every roster/player/rating in the AL East

was changed. All other divisions weren't touched by now.

Every AL East team should have 25 players (13 position players, 12 pitchers). If you think there are some guys

lacking you will find them in the minors (mainly those that are/were on the DL).

I created some formulas in Excel to calculate the ratings for all players who had at least a special number

of at bats or a special number of IP. I used the export function of fangraphs.com, so every rating for those

players is calculated and not based on my likings. Also the pitches (including speed, movement and command) and

fielding ratings are calculated. I tried to assign all players realistic fielding abilities for much more

positions than 2k gave them, too.

I tried to find scouting reports for the minor leaguers and adjust the ratings as good as I can.

In my opinion the rating changes provide a far better gameplay experience. There shouldn't be too many

unrealistic ratings anymore. Also the (IMO) too big differences between good and bad should be gone and the prospects

should all have realistic potential numbers. Not every rookie is a 5-star potential. High numbers (which means

ratings above 90 or 5-star potential) should be the exception.

I hope some guys take a look into what I've done with the AL East. If you notice something completely wrong

please let me know it.I am also sorry that I can not provide you with faster updates. The editing of one

franchise takes about 5-6 hours of work. But nonetheless I am really willing to finish this project.



I have to give special thanks to BSU-Fan. Some time ago I talked to him about rosters and he allowed me to use

his No. 3 roster as a base for my work. Without his help it would be even more time consuming.

Also thanks to darth_mickrig, MissionMaximus, Qbrick808, olipoo and BSU-Fan (again ;-)) for the inspiring

discussions in my thread which helped me a lot to set up certain formulas.

Then thanks to Vlad and Ty for their editors.

And of course I want to thank all the modders and those members who contribute with suggestion and so on

in the forums, we got a really great community out there. The modding group has made the game a completely

new experience.



It is recommended that you download and install:

- the MVPmods.com cyberfaces: http://www.mvpmods.c...oads&showcat=81 (do not forget my

custom cyberface pack, too!)

- the MVPmods.com stadiums: http://www.mvpmods.c...oads&showcat=77

- the MVPmods.com uniforms: http://www.mvpmods.c...oads&showcat=78

- the MVPmods.com portraits by raidersbball20: http://www.mvpmods.c...oads&showcat=80

(my rosterfile should be compatible)



Simply extract the rosterfile into your MLB 2k12 saves folder, start the game and load the roster.

Have fun!



This is a AL East Beta version! ;-)

What's New in Version 0.1 Beta   See changelog


  • 10/17/2012: I added my sliders for those that have interest

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