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1971 Baltimore Orioles Updated Audios 1.0.0

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I noticed that when I installed the 1971 MVP Season that some of the player audios were pronounced incorrectly so I decided to try to improve upon them myself.  The 1971 season was one of my favorites.  I appreciate the one who originated this season and got the ball rolling.  Here are all 25 of the Orioles players with all the "c" and "d" ones and a few of the "a's" and "pa's" thrown in too.  I just can't do all of these at the same time because there's a lot of work and time involved with working on these.  I'm not an expert at these but I did get a chance to purchase some media guides along the way to go along with my yearbook and program collection from that time period along with some radio games on cd and cassette from back then.  They are just sooooo informative.

I use eagraph to install these files into the MVP Baseball game.  I place all of the kinds of the dat files except for the pa's into the data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat file and I put the pa's into the ...spch/pa/pnamedat file and the hexes into the data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr file and the pa hexes into the .../audio/spch_pa/pnamehdr.  If you have any problem please drop me a note and if you fellas have any questions about eagraph you might have to look it up where you downloaded the program.

I'm kinda new here but that's what I read other folks on here say when there's problems that they should just look it up themselves.  I just don't want to rock any boats here..ya know.

Enjoy the goodies.  I used the Eskie01 since I have a couple Eskimo dogs that watch and listen to the ball games with me...they are wonderful company since I'm here by myself all day.

Thank you!


PS:  I'm going through the AL right now and I'm down at the Royals, Tigers and Twins.  I'll try to upload those as soon as I can.  I have the Angels, A's, Brewers, Indians, Orioles, Red Sox & White Sox done now.  I also fixed in my copy some of the teams' shoes since some were using Adias or Nike...I forget which.  I won't disturb what Mr. James did with the unis but I have a few extra additional uniforms to upload for the A's and Orioles.  I noticed that the fonts were incorrect for the White Sox and Indians.  Both of them are the varsity type of font and the Orioles all orange one is incorrect too.  I got the ones that the gentleman that doesn't have a name uploaded back a ways did.  They looked like the picture that I have of the 4 20-game winners that the Birds had that year.  Again, I'll keep Mr. James other stuff the same but I'll fix what's incorrect.  Most of the teams didn't get the shiny look until the next year, but I think that the Pirates, Cardinals and some of the Orioles were shiny like polyester or at least non-flannel.  The flannel were a lot duller and of course had a specific weave  as the old flannel shirts that I remember.

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The pause between first and last name makes it more authentic. You're the master.

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