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320p 2015 Season Uniform collection 1.1

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About This File

This is something I did for MVP Caribe Crew MLB 10th anniversary mod, back in 2015. I decided to release this uniform collection here at MVP Mods because I guess many users missed them.

Few days ago I posted some 320p WBC17 uniforms here at MVP Mods, but these files were really the source of them.

I've always been a fan of mid-size files, since the time I used to release my 1.5x uniforms that I named 2xlite. But Jersey pictures of these new uniforms are 320x320 pixels, instead the traditional 2x pictures (256x256). With that extra size I was able to bring even more details to the uniforms.

Anyway, these uniforms are not just about the jersey size. There are several things that I learnt through the years of making winterball uniforms, and I decided to bring those tricks to MLB uniforms at last. And there are also a couple of new things I tested with them, like the drill and fabric effects that help me to avoid some FSH compression erros that make certain uniforms look blurry or spotted once you import them to the game files.

In order to compensate the jersey size, some other files are even downsized, like batting gloves, catcher helmet and catcher leg. Anyway, although I think they are secure and they have been very well tested these two years, you may experience some problems if you use them with very high texture stadiums or cyber faces.

If you don't know these uniforms, give them a try. I'm sure there is at least one piece that any MVP Baseball fan will like. There are over 230 uniforms in these files. They go from regular uniforms to 2015 BP models, some fancy retroes, several memorial day ones and even a couple of fantasys and tributes, like in the old 2xlite days. There are many custom number fonts too. An important point here is that every single team has been treated with the same level of care in these sets. If you are the kind of fan who think nobody takes care of your team, check your division's file.

I'm not yet sure about updating this stuff to current season, but this is the place to start doing so, if that's the case.

Since there is a lot of material, I've split the download in one file per division, so that you can test them with you favourite team and it's rivals before downloading anything else. Thre is also a special set with the extra teams inside, Legends, heroes and All-Stars (2015 event). There is a preview screen of some few uniforms for every division.


I hope you enjoy these uniforms, and I repeat, there is at least one for every user.

Expect a fix for the installers in the next days.

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Exactly the same version. I just uploaded a compatible version of unifroms.big file, since I had some troubles testing the installation on the basic uniforms.big file. This is not related to the uniforms themselves but to the previews instead. There are several extra slots activated in this collection, and I guess that's releted to the problem.

So, for a complete installation do this:

1) Download the extra file: "UM320pUniformsBIG-Fix.rar" and decompress it in the game's 'data' folder. It will overwrite frontend/uniforms.big, so answer yes in case it askes for.

2) Download the Divisional Set you want and uncompress all the files in your 'data' folder too. Say yes to any overwriting question.

3) Notice inside 'data' folder there is a new batch file called "320pUnies-Update.bat". Run this file and wait a few seconds until the black window closes itself. Run the batch again for any newer division you want to add.

Now you can go to the game and try a match between two of the installed teams. Check the new previews. All the ones related to my unifoms have a 320p Unies logo. Remember "Katie Roy" in case you don't find any particular uniform. And "Neverlose Sight" for Bo-Sox St. Patrick's Day.

The only problem here is that some other previews may not match their unifroms. So have this in mind. That's cause my advise is installing first on a claen MVP 2005 version.

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