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Pirates Photoset Version 2.0


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Hey great work pirate, nice to have the completed pirate set. you took playing with nashville to a whole new level. i noticed that one of my photos isn't appearing in the game but is in rglass's editor, hector almonte, which may just be happening to me but i wanted to let you know. also, there are audio file id numbers for some on the photo set, i saw these from the forums at high heat. they are:

frank brooks 2200

bryan bullington 2205

tomas de la rosa 1624

ronny paulino 2394

chris truby 1150

jorge toca 1147

John van benschoten 2467

andy abad 1274

and the additional players in the set:

adam laroche 2335

shane spencer 0835

anyways, great work pirate and great site trues.

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I am having trouble with Almonte too. I got the Audio file numbers updated in Version 2.

What's that about Adam Laroche and Shane Spencer they play for the Braves and the Mets respectively not the Pirates.

I figured i was the only one to play a dynasty as the Sounds. I was a college classmate of VanBenschoten.

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my fault with spencer and laroche. for some reason i thought you incorporated some of the players that were missing from other teams. those photos must have come from another set. anyways thanks again for the update. are you planning on making any other team sets?

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