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  1. Hey there KC! Anyone want a Marlins' Park update. Kidding. No seriously.
  2. Wrigley Field I sat right behind the visitor's bullpen looking out toward left field. An amzing venue in that it provides a glimpse of what baseball cathedrals once looked like. US Cellular I agree with Sean on this one. Supremely underrated. It was a miserable and cold afternoon game on a weekday. The amenities were wonderful. Citizen's Bank Park Went last year when I traveled to the area on business. This ranks right up there as one of the finest stadiums in the land. The location was great, the inside and outside were gorgeous. The seating was comfortable. Chikie's and Pete's! Safeco Field The only thing that could make this place better is a better team. Great concessions. Amazing sightlines. Especially in the upper reaches of the stadium. GABP Barf. Progressive The renovations to this park in 2008 really improved what was an already amazing stadium. PNC Park Hard to find a better baseball park. Hard to find a worse team. Chase Field The worst stadium ever. Dodger Stadium Did not spend a ton of time here, but wasn't impressed. I hate LA though, so I was influenced by the general failures of the city, not just the park. AT&T Park Amazing. Nothing I can say can describe it. Miller Park Boring. There's just nothing special here. But it is about a million times better than Chase. Petco Park My favorite stadium in my favorite city. Nothing not to love. Grilled hot dogs. Yum. Busch Stadium Sight lines were disastrous in this stadium. Felt removed from the action. Not a huge fan. love St. Louis though. Skip the park and go to City Museum. Comerica Park Kind of cool, but I went so long ago I have few memories of it. Municipal Stadium I attended several games there back in the day and I loved it because it was baseball as i knew it as a 7 or 9 year-old. The smell, the puddles of water, the broken glass hanging precipitously out of the windows... can't take away those fond memories. Spring Training Stadiums I have visited all of the AZ stadiums and can say hands down that Scottsdale's new park for the Dbacks and Rockies is the best sporting arena I have ever stepped foot in. I will be back again this year and I cannot wait. No better place to watch baseball. THe Phoenix (Glendale) park is special too. The Goodyear stadium is a blight and is too far removed from the rest of the Valley. Damn shame.
  3. http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=6106

  4. http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=51753

  5. Dear Pirate,

    I am an EA SPORTS FIFA 07 player (it's a soccer game) and i was looking for an RFK stadium for MLS club DC United. I am glad to see you have built it long ago. I used ord2o and oiftool and although i can "read" the file it's not easy for me to edit it for my FIFA game. Do you have any 3d files (eg. 3ds) of the stadium that you could send me? Thanks a lot!

  6. i have great respect to you for making awesome patches.. i have a request for mvp 2005 patch..

    would you make a new yankee stadium patch for ppl who are dying to play mvp again with yankees?

  7. When I use your stadium tutorial, I can get up to the point where I need to create mstadium.o by clicking on ord2o.bat, but it just keeps telling me to continue by pressing any key...Help would be appreciated. Also is ORD Tools a seperate install? Thanks a ton.

  8. He doesn't deserve it. He charges for his mods. I'm not charging for my mods. Trues isn't charging for his mods. No one is charging for mods. You are being asked to subscribe in order to have unlimited ability to download mods. You can download without subscrption.
  9. May I ask you how to use EAGraph to renew uniforms?? I had downloaded the Nationals 2009 uniform...

  10. 4,687 downloads

    Citi Field for MVP 2005 By: Pirate Version 1: This stadium is a representation of Citi Field. Many things aren't perfect, but all are good enough. I will not be updating this. This is the last mod I create for MVP 2005 Included are the stadium files, the camera files and the stadium select screens for all my mods. INSTALLATION: Stadium: Unzip and extract all the files. Copy sheaday.big and sheanite.big to your C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\MVP Baseball 2005\data\stadium folder. Make sure they go into your stadium folder. You will have to overwrite. Backup your files. Cameras: Copy sheaday.txt and sheanite.txt to the C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\MVP Baseball 2005\data\datafile folder. Stadium Select Screens: Copy to C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\MVP Baseball 2005\data\frontend I think that is all, enjoy... Pirate jaredhartung@gmail.com
  11. 1,835 downloads

    Progressive Field for MLB 2K9 By: Pirate Replaced the ads with more acurate ads from last season. Installation: Extract the stadium_chc.iff tp your C:\Program Files\2K Sports\MLB 2K9 folder. Run the game and enjoy the upgrade.
  12. Pirate

    Wrigley Field


    Wrigley Field for MLB 2K9 By: Pirate Replaced red roof with Budweiser building graphic in left field Replaced generic scoreboard with photo realistic image Replaced ridiculous State Farm ad with a building to make it look more realistic Replaced the scoreboard ads with Bank of America ads Replaced the Majestic ad on the roof of the outfield building with the Bud Light ad Installation: Extract the stadium_chc.iff tp your C:\Program Files\2K Sports\MLB 2K9 folder. Run the game and enjoy the upgrade.
  13. Thanks for the mention in last week's Random Thoughts! I know why Palin is in the news, but let's not get into that...
  14. Pirate



    Astrodome By: Pirate Version 1: All new advertisements circa 1980. Added the Homerun Spectacular Scoreboard. Removed all the seats added in 1989. Made the scoreboard keep track of runs, hits and errors.
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